Which is your favourite hangout in Kochi?

Voting time folks! Which is your favourite hangout in Kochi? We have listed a few places below which are popular with the people of Kochi these days and wanted to know which is your favourite place in Kochi?!

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Is your favourite a place,  which is not listed above? Let us know in the comments and make your vote heard!


  • these are my preferences..

    1) Golden Dragon Vaazhakala … excellent chineese food ..
    2) Wangs kitchen kaloor ..
    3) Chopsticks palarivatton .. chinese and thai food.
    4) Mojo .. lil too expensive.. but food is awesome
    5) lokah … excellent
    6) Food Court / oberon mall
    6) KFC / Gold Souke
    7) Bay pride / Marine Drive
    8) Thandoor
    9) Malaya
    10) Pick a Bite
    Cafe Coffee Day.. good as usual

    btw barista at baypridemall is now shut down