Want to Salsa in Cochin

Here is your chance! SHRISHTTI brings you for the fiest time in Cochin, Puerto Rican Salsa Dance Classes straight from the MASTER Mr.Shiva Loco(Body Motion Earth U.S.A) himself! If you ever wanted to shake those hips, these classes are the way to do it!

Classes start from 15th July. For more information contact – 0484-4000451



  • Hope they don’t ask you to take partners with you to join. And something that crossed my mind, do you have to wear shoes to go to a club here? Somebody told me this….

  • For these classes, it is not necessary to have a partner when joining. Also shoes and high heels are optional while learning, it is recommended when attending salsa nights in nightclubs.

  • i like salsa….but i dont knw how much it costs to learn salsa….is it so expensive and how abt the levels?,,,,wat abt partner?…i dont have a partner in cochin….tell me pls…

  • hey sreekanth,
    the current fees for learning salsa for Stags (Rs. 1750), Ladies (Rs. 1500), and Couples (Rs. 2500)
    The new batches are starting on Sept 14th, Location Kapz Dance Studio. Call me for more details +91-999-55-36-86-5

  • @shiva loco…glad to see help coming in for a budding salsa artist 🙂

    @sreekanth, siva is the right person to contact about salsa in cochin. His salsa performance at the recent event in oberon mall was sweet 🙂

  • @ shiva loco wish u start a salsa class at thrissur also, so that trichurians too can attend and learn and enjoy salsa. looking forward for a positive response from that end.

  • @ ASITA contact me for more details on classes in trichur.

    New Classes starting in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi this coming Monday.

  • @ Reshma : Yes u can join. the course is for 10 days the fees is Rs. 2000 for guys, Rs. 1500 for ladies, Rs. 2500 for couples.

  • @shiva loco am residing at thrissur and am employed. it’ll be convenient if u start a class here in thrissur . like a branch or franchissee, of ur kochi class. hope u’ll look into this…

  • @ asita well, i can start classes if there is enough interest, also the required class timings as per avaliability of people.

  • @shiva loco, pls do the needful. i think there are people who are interested in this. the only thing is there is no such classes here. why dont u try a hand here? we trichurians arent far behind..pls look into this

  • @ asita sure will do. but i do need help with finding location made avaliable for the classes
    give me a call 9995536865

  • @shiva loco there is city centre and centre point here in thrissur, where i think places are available. sorry i dont know whom to contact for it. and i dont know their phone numbers also. the only thing is they are in the heart of thrissur, former in thrissur swaraj round and the latter in M.G.Road.

  • @Shiva: is there any classes starting in the near future in and around Panampilly Nagar. I am interested in Long term Classes and not short courses… I had done a short term course on Jive/ Foxtrot and Cha cha cha  some years back. Is there any school around kochi which teaches these and more such dance forms?

  • new batch of salsa classes starting on monday 24th may, 2010 near panampilly nagar
    contact shiva for registration +91-999-55-36-865 or email him knightphoenix@gmail.com.
    fees for 10 days of basic level batch salsa 1500 for singles and 2500 for couples.

  • hi,i would like to join salsa classes.will thr be any new batch opening in sept as i will b bck to cochin by sept only

  • @shiva : pls start ur classes in thrissur too. we cant come upto cochin.we will be grateful if u start the classed here too..

  • Hi! I’m from Thrissur, too. And I’ve been DYING to learn salsa!!!! So don’t worry about there being not enough people for the classes if u start one at Thrissur… I think u can count us all in!!!! If not, is it possible for me attend classes at Cochin only on weekends?(I am working….)