Wanna Chaat in Cochin?

“Dahi puri, pani puri, kachori chat, sav puri, channa batura…” these names would bewatering the mouth of all chaat lovers! Chat centre foods have always been topping the favourite food items list of most of the people because of its  taste that can’t be  experienced even in the best of the restaurants. In Cochin, the best place where you can find the most delicious of these food items is the chat centre near Oberonmall, Edappally.

Price ?

Although the price rates for the food items are normal just like the otherchat centres, the taste is really better! The quantity and quality of the food items in here are way above the price for which they offer the food before us. The size of the panipuris (Rs 1 per piece) is of the size of our palm- surprising right?? You got to believe it!You will go on and on if you start with just one pani puri. The recipe of the samosa chat(Rs 14 for double), kachori chat etc. is “complicated”, I would say, as once you take it inyou will feel the amazing mixed taste of its ingredients just rolling in your mouth. Thesize of vada pavs (Rs 12 for double) are preferably large and can fill your stomach if youtake in a couple of them.


So next time when you visit Oberon mall, don’t forget to invadethis chat centre. Chat centres at Palarivattom, Edappally high school, Edappally signal,Kaloor, Menaka, Vytilla Edappally highway are other preferable chat centres where youcan explore and try out the different varieties as these places also serve delicious fooditems. So go and chaat till you drop 😉

P.S: Do share your Chaat experience below 😉