“Twenty 20 – The Food Mall” at Padma theatre

Want a unique dining experience in a western ambience? Want an eyeful of the wild, wild west which has inspired endearing movies and country songs? Get in to the recently opened “Twenty 20 – The Food Mall” at Padma Theatre complex on MG Road. The 76-seater restaurant starts buzzing with activity from 11 A.M and is open till 12 midnight. The cosy deck upstairs looks like one straight out of Texas ranch. From halters to chocolate brown cowboy hats hung on the wall the place instantly transports you to a lonely ranger’s cabin.


While flipping through the menu, what instantly strikes you is the reasonably priced dishes. Starting with salads, wraps, short bites, sandwiches, burgers and hot chocolates, the restaurant has a good range of Chinese dishes as well. The musthaves in salad section are dragon chicken salad and Hawaiian salad. Foodies waiting for the best in sandwich can bite into the BLT-Twenty Twenty with beef steaks and tomatoes served hot in a jiffy. The wild west wrap with a layer of juicy roast beef and a hint of lettuce served at the lovely wooden deck at the restaurant is yummy. Try it!

An ideal venue for a private party, hop in for a luxurious meal at the deck which will be all yours after an exciting movie at the hi-fi theatre upstairs. The place with neatly polished uneven walnut tables and subdued lights construe images of a romantic candle lit dinner with your love by your side. Lovers, next time check out this place!  If so your mood goes off after watching a crap movie, drop in to this restaurant and make yourself happy.


  • This is first restaurant venture of D’Lip Foods and Resorts Pvt Ltd owned by Actor Dileep and his brother-in-Law Madhu Warrier.But they have another food business. The entire Food Court of Oberon Mall is owned by Dileep and rented out its individual food business. Soon, we can see another Mohanlal rising within Dileep………

    With regards

  • The entire or not even a single food counter @ Oberon is of D’Lips !
    What made anyone thinks so.?

  • THE INDIVIDUAL FOOD COUNTERS AT OBERON IS NOT OWNED BY DILEEP or his company. I meant the Entire Food COURT space is developed and owned by Dileep and each counter is rented to various restaurant companies to operate

  • how can u say that ?
    5 counters of oberon food court is owned by oberon itself.
    So what are you talking about here ?

  • yes..correct……
    anyway 20 20 mall dileepinte aanallo…
    ini athil aarkkengilum doubt undo

  • @Andrine, the 6 counters at Oberon Mall is not owned fully by Oberon Group. For example Noodle King is not Oberon’s. Likewise BTH Dosa Express which has its franchisee as S.G Associates. The Breadworld and Merryboy Icecreams too are not owned by the group. Only 4 counters’s brands are operated by Oberon. They are Krisy Chicken, Arabian Treats, Pizza Indiana, Rasoi…… But the Food Court as whole is developed by D’lip Pvt.Ltd and given to each franchisees for annual rent. You may check with the Oberon group, if you have doubt……………

    Iam sorry for discussing this matter in regard to this post. It was only a reply to the adrine’s comment

  • OK..u tell me why wud OBeron Group rent out their own property to smone else and then open their own four brands i.e is krispy chicken,arabian dreams,rasoi & pizza indiana with rentals..?
    dont u thinks tht crazy ?
    the people who did interiors r no way related to d’lips….
    the four brands r owned by Oberon again..
    so it does not make any sense
    just tellin u wat i know..

  • Dear Andrine,

    Why should I lie u? I am not a member of D’lip company to claim things…. I am telling things, which I know….. there is no question of logic and reasoning power here……….. If you don’t know, I will tell you, Dileep is also one of the financers and promoter for Oberon Mall. Dileep has taken over the entire 4th floor space initially to start his own entertainment ventures. But when he was abt to produce 20:20, he dropped that idea and took only the food court space. Friend, if you see the entertainment portion is completely owned by Cinemax….. Its not oberon mall who develops a Multiplex and lease to a theatre group. I came to knew this information as one of my friend is working in Jones Lang Lasalle Meghraj Property Consultants who were the property consultants for Oberon Group. In Malls, the entire property is not fully developed by a mall company, but space is given to others and they individually develop and rent out. For example when Citi Mall in Chennai was developed, more than 30% of the project was funded by Lifestyle which took over 3 floors for its anchor store. In cochin Reliance didn’t fund for the Oberon, but took the space for a 10 year term from Oberon with contract for developing the space into an anchor store area. Same way Dileep took over the Food court space……. If you have doubt, you can enquire at Oberon regarding the truth, no need for unnessecary logic and reasoning…………………

    And 20:20 cafe is neither a Food Court nor a Food Mall…….. Its only a Restaurant operating inside Padma Theatre. They simply use the tagline “The Food Mall” that denotes lots of choices in food, not in terms of space or concept

  • hey Arun no offense man….
    i said cos D’lips is one of ma client and i know people who runs Oberon pretty much.
    D’lips has nothing to do with food court @ Oberon.
    The 4 four brands-arabian nights,rasio,noodle king,krispy chicken are created and run by Oberon management itself at present

  • And my friend all multiplexz in the country are on profit-share with the mall management.
    Same is the case with Oberon.
    D’lips was interested only to start a restaurant in Oberon, the space for which is still not taken by anyone.
    The food court is run by Oberon Management itself wherein there are four own brands.

  • @Arun Mohan
    Andrine is right. D’Lips was interested in taking a space in Oberon Mall but dropped the idea later. The food court is run by Oberon management of which 4 stalls are owned by them

    And Twenty 20 restaurant is not owned by Madhu Warrier. Dileep’s sister’s husband Suraj who is thus Dileep’s brother in law is the owner of this restaurant. (madhu warrier is not dileep’s only bro in law)

  • whatever may be the case….its just a mediocre restaurant , no special dishes ,”tandoor” is much better!!

  • hey im frm varkala,the hotel is managed by my uncle named suraj.t /he done his job exellent,i appreciate the real business tallent

  • There is a special dish in Twenty 20 that is available in small shops in alappuzha and tripunithara also, the combo by name- Pazhampori- Beef Roast… This was just for info brothers, so lets not get comments that have too many exclamation marks or capital letters as a reply… The trend while participating in all discussions in Kerala, be it Orkut Facebook or Cochin square, everyone wants to reply with a retort in capital letters and exclamations!!! and what not….And why is it that we cannot share knowledge and exchange information without trying to belittle one another

  • dear dileep.suraj and anoop ,

    pls do the promotional works of 20 20 as well as mango tree as owned and operated by d lips

  • the restaurant was good …but no the hospitality is not all good… my frds and myself had a very bad experience