The “SNC Lavalin & Pinarayi” Scandal Demystified

snc-lavalin-pinarayi-scandalI was not sure if I wanted to bring in politics to CochinSquare, but this was interesting. We Keralites have been noticing the SNC Lavalin Scandal rule the newspapers offline, but do you know what actually happened?

I did not have a clue, all I knew is there was some hefty bribe involved (or not). Our active bloggers in the blogosphere have created a blog to track developments on this hot lavalin scandal.

They even created a whole powerpoint with all the information about SNC Lavalin and Pinarayi on slideshare neatly explaining what happened. It helped the geeky ‘ol me about this whole thing, figured you might be interested too.

However, I have no proof of authencity of the above mentioned factual information. But hey its a scandal 😉 Whos’ not interested?

And @jr, to answer your question, No. Sorry, but scandals necessarily does not have to involve a girl!!!

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  • This is by far one of the most indept article I read on the Lavalin case. Glad to know investigative journalism is not dead yet. Thank You