The Great Indian Crafts Bazaar in Cochin from 26th January

great indian craft bazaar‘A Hundred Hands’ brings the Great Indian Crafts Bazaar – The Handmade Collective to Cochin for the first time. It is coming to David Hall, Fort Kochi to exhibit products made lovingly with the hands. This event will commence from 26th January till 29th January. A Hundred Hands is a non-profitable Bangalore based initiative behind the inception of The Handmade Collective. A Hundred Hands has 40 members right from the individual artistes to NGOs, who come from remote places in the hills to the coastal villages from states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan along with many urban artistes. This organization aims in imparting a new look to the age old styles and give it a contemporary feel and effect and thereby sensitizing the customers towards the creativity of the artistes. The whole idea behind the effort is to bring back the whole concept of handmade and bringing back a slow, simple and sensitive way of life. This event will showcase all handmade silks materials, leather products, livelihood products, cotton products and many more and will also enlighten on the processes with which these products are made.

People don’t miss out this exclusive handmade exhibition if you really value arts.