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Makers Collective First Edition- Kochi

Kochi is going to  witness a celebration of  craft, design, and sustainability this weekend. The first edition of the ‘Maker’s Collective’, an initiative by Pepper House Kochi, where some of our favourite independent creators from across the country will come together. Here’s a little about the brands and you get to meet and interact with […]


Mamangam to organize Summer Camp for Kids

The summer is on its way to hit us at Kerala and so are the kids counting the days to their holidays. The usual vacation recipe for most families include visiting the grandparents, going to a few places, and majorly whiling away time sitting at home doing nothing productive and before you know it, the […]


Let’s Cook: Cooking Contest by Crowne Plaza,Kochi

“Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors- it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.” It is said a recipe has no soul; it is the cook that brings soul to the recipe. Some people are inexplicable […]

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The Readers’ Web – The Library at doorstep for Kochi

The Readers’ Web™, is an initiative of 26×7®, a start up based in Cochin, which was developed by a trio of Casey Nestor Fernandez, Mellwyn Joseph and Romana Correya, through 26×7®, they aim to Promote the Joys of Reading among all. The Readers’ Web™, is a Home Reading Service wherein we deliver books home to […]

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BSNL 4G service is in Kochi

The BSNL authorities said on a press release that the 4G high speed internet connection is available in Kochi at 79 key areas and many other remote areas of the state.The new technology , unlike the existing bsnl connections, doesn’t require a telephone connection or cable and is a wireless service (Wi-MAX) which will not […]

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Corruption-free Kerala campaign from june 5th

Well, this is a statement which every citizen in Kochi as well as in the state is dreaming of- to live in a corruption free Kerala. In order to reach this, the Anti-Corruption People’s Movement has put forth a programme.As a part of the Anti-Corruption People’s Movement and with their supervision, “Corruption-free Kerala” programme will […]


Monsoon arrives earlier in Kochi

The south western monsoon strikes kerala coasts on Sunday , three days earlier than its arrival forecast. The early arrival means the state can look forward to its traditional wet weather during the June-July months, and school children will have to arm themselves with raincoats and umbrellas as the showers come down right from the […]