Let’s Cook: Cooking Contest by Crowne Plaza,Kochi

“Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors- it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.” It is said a recipe has no soul; it is the cook that brings soul to the recipe. Some people are inexplicable […]

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The Readers’ Web – The Library at doorstep for Kochi

The Readers’ Web™, is an initiative of 26×7®, a start up based in Cochin, which was developed by a trio of Casey Nestor Fernandez, Mellwyn Joseph and Romana Correya, through 26×7®, they aim to Promote the Joys of Reading among all. The Readers’ Web™, is a Home Reading Service wherein we deliver books home to […]

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BSNL 4G service is in Kochi

The BSNL authorities said on a press release that the 4G high speed internet connection is available in Kochi at 79 key areas and many other remote areas of the state.The new technology , unlike the existing bsnl connections, doesn’t require a telephone connection or cable and is a wireless service (Wi-MAX) which will not […]

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Corruption-free Kerala campaign from june 5th

Well, this is a statement which every citizen in Kochi as well as in the state is dreaming of- to live in a corruption free Kerala. In order to reach this, the Anti-Corruption People’s Movement has put forth a programme.As a part of the Anti-Corruption People’s Movement and with their supervision, “Corruption-free Kerala” programme will […]


Monsoon arrives earlier in Kochi

The south western monsoon strikes kerala coasts on Sunday , three days earlier than its arrival forecast. The early arrival means the state can look forward to its traditional wet weather during the June-July months, and school children will have to arm themselves with raincoats and umbrellas as the showers come down right from the […]

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Biriyani Festival at Café Luciano, Angamaly from May 13

Biriyani is perhaps one of the most popular lunch menu items in Kerala these days. From being a humble rice cooked with some chicken, beef or mutton, this filling food preparation has come a long way. With about 22 varieties of Biriyani, Hotel Elite Palazzo in Angamaly is hosting a “Biriyani Festival” starting today till […]


Vote for Kochi IPL Team’s new name

After the big social media revolution against the Kochi IPL team name , Kochi Indi Commandos ,  The kochi ipl team has decided to change the name and they are inviting the fans to suggest the name . Kochi IPL teams official site is now active with an online poll to pick a new name […]