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This Sunday, on 15th May 2011 at 7pm, JT Pac will host – “Taal Atma” which means “rhythmic music that touches every soul”, a event that will  be a Jugalbandi of contemporary and classical dance and music.

Ace drummer – Mukul Dongre, the young and gorgeous dancer and actor, Aditi Bhagwat and renowned Sitar player – Ravindra Chari will come together at this event to feature pure classical dance, Tatkaar/ Kathak footwork to drums, Lavni, sitar-drum jugalbandis, drum and sitar solo instrumentals and so on. The group uses its music and dance talent to create new age sounds for a contemporary music feel and experiments with various combinations of rhythm, music and dance that are possible.

The two-hour event will be a delight for those interested in classical dance, jugalbandi and instrumentals.

For enquiries contact 9349528057 or 9349528107 or visit www.jtpac.org.

rhythmic music that touches every soul’

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