SOTO live performance at JT pac on Jan 14th

The famous Latin-Funk-R&B-Dance band of the millennium SOTO , will be performing live at Jt-pac on 14 January Starting from 7 . 00 PM .
Soulful ballads, Latin rhythms, hot dance grooves and high energy choreographed stage shows, has made “SOTO” the most entertaining musical group .  “SOTO”, a Latin American musical band ,  includes family members “John Soto”, “Bruce Soto” & “Ross (Artie) Soto”!

SOTO has traveled throughout the world including, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Guam, Saipan, Holland and was the first Latin American band to perform in Being China! the head of the band is Francis Soto . is their official website . Dont judge them with the website . Sadly the website needs a huge makeover it still is in the  late 90’s  .

For more information and ticket booking : Call : 93495 -28057 / 93495-8107