Something’s brewing at Kahawa !!!

Kahawa is a story brewed by three friends in their passionate search to create an exotic experience dedicated to their love for coffee. In their vehement search, Kahawa comes to the beautiful city of Kochi. Kahawa, unlike most coffee shops, not only promises you the enchanting pleasure of coffee but also pledges an ambience to unwind. The earthy ambience blended with the urbane competence of service will just make you wonder, why Kahawa never happened to you before.

They say a good mug of coffee is what only the luscious beans can promise and at Kahawa, the coffee beans have a story of their own. The finely selected coffee beans at Kahawa are from Kalmane Koffee , one of the finest coffee estates in the country, in Coorg that has a history that dates back to over a century and half. The beans are renowned for its uniquely flavored fine Arabica coffee inter-cropped with pepper. Apart from serving over a dozen variety of coffee in it most delectable coffee is its most exotic form, Kahawa also serves the best of masala chai/tea flavored in its most authentic form.

kahawa coffee shop

We don’t just leave you with good coffee and the brilliant ambience to relish; we also serve you the right bites of scrumptious food. We, at Kahawa, love food so much so that we make sure that you not only eat the most scrumptious food but also eat right. Our chefs will make sure that you have more reasons to come back to Kahawa other than just the goodness of the coffee we brew for you…We are more a coffee BISTRO and our menu serves everyone at all times. From cheese bites,prawn patties to a full fledged Western Meal…We are also introducing the health watcher’s drink made from Hibiscus which is famous in South-East Asia.We at Kahawa believe in quality and we aim at “Customer is Happy” policy!Come on in and tingle your taste buds!!!

At Kahawa, we are not just proud of the exotic coffee or the scrumptious food we have to offer but excellent ambience and larger space we have at hand to make you comfortable, also to help you unwind. The idea of the contemporary interior and earthy African ambiance reflects in the Tinga Tinga art murals etched out on our walls along with the comfortable seating we have for you. The ambience is set into make sure that you cherish every moment spent over that mug of coffee. With a seating capacity of over 70 people, we are sure to have enough room to welcome you and serve you some real fun. At Kahawa, we also air live sports just in case you wish to drop in with your friends and cheer your team; after all we promised you enough and more ways to unwind.