Shubha Phutela – Miss South India 2010 : Exclusive Interview

Shubha Phutela Miss South India 2010

Can you tell us about your life before Miss South India 2010.

Before Miss South India, I would say that my life was normal. It still is the same, but a little different in the professional front. I am doing my engineering in Dayananda Sagar College, Bangalore. I have been working as a professional model for the past one and a half to two years. My normal routine would be like I might be in college or doing a show or shoot.

What prompted you to take the participate in the Miss South India 2010 pageant.

It was more or less the persuasion of my choreographer, Sameer, who happened to be the choreographer for the Miss South India show. He has been behind this event for many years. He wanted me to try out my luck this time and he felt that I can do it.

The confidence instilled by him and the scope which a contest like Miss South India provided, made me take part in Miss South India.

Can you re-live the moment during the final round of Miss South India 2010, when you heard your name being announced.

(Smiles) It was very scary. As I mentioned during the contest, I was feeling-less. I really wanted to see myself as the winner. After the final round, I was confident, but at the same time, I was scared too. So, these mixed feelings landed me in a situation where I left everything to God, closed my eyes and was waiting for the result.

When I was announced the winner, I was extremely happy. The very first thing that came to my head was to talk to my dad, which I couldn’t for the next one hour because of all the interviews. Parents are the ones who give you constant support. So once you achieve something big, you need to thank your parents. I thanked God, my parents who are like God to me. That’s it. I felt thankful to everybody whoever was with me throughout.

What does the title of ‘Miss South India 2010’ mean to you.

It definitely means a lot to me. This title will be with me throughout my life. I can’t even imagine whatever I got from it for the past one month and whatever I will get in the next 11 months. It means everything to me. There are no words to express how much this title means to me, but definitely it is one stepping stone for me.

Has your life changed at all after Miss South India 2010.

Definitely on the professional front. I have been giving interviews as Miss South India. It is a very big thing for me. Workwise, wherever I go, I go as the winner of a pageant, Miss South India, and not as newcomer or amateur. It’s different that way.

What are your plans for 2011 and beyond.

I see myself as a successful model for the coming one year and later on after a year or so, maybe movies, once I complete my graduation. This Pageant has given me a path to go forward. Ultimately, I have to put in my hard work and dedication.

How did you modelling career begin.

It happened by chance. It’s a bit funny. I walked into a mall early morning to get some milk. People grabbed me saying there is some pageant happening. That was my first pageant. It was a small contest happening in the mall itself. I just registered myself and that is when my modelling career began. I won the contest. It just happened by chance.

So, you have plans to step foot in the movie industry.

Yes, once I complete my graduation. I have got many offers from very good production houses. I really had the craving to start my career in movies now, but parents and other people who I look up to for guidance and even I felt that leaving studies mid way is not a good option. You can’t just jump from one thing to another. You have to finish one and then go to the next.

This is my final year of engineering and any offer I have, I have told them in case they can wait for me, I am really happy and I want to consider it after my engineering. If not, then anything good coming up for me, I am open for it after my engineering.

How was your experience in Cochin.

It was awesome. It was my first time to Cochin. I live in Bangalore and have travelled to Chennai and Hyderabad for work, but I had never got a chance to come to Cochin. I loved Cochin. I have never seen the beaches. It was exciting. I had a very pleasant experience, the way the people welcomed us and all, till the end of our stay it was awesome. I am surely looking forward to another Cochin trip.

Immediate priorities in life.

At this moment, my immediate priority is my seventh semester exams (smiles). Other than that, my regular modelling keeps on going, as I really want to keep in touch with this field, I love this field. Even if I am an engineer, I have given my heart and soul to this field. Maybe studies are something that I couldn’t neglect, modelling is equally important to me.

Goal in life.

I want to be successful (smiles). Right now, I am just not set into my long term goals. But in terms of short term goals, I want to complete my degree and continue with modelling. And after my engineering, I am looking forward to a career in movies.

Your role model.

Myself, not to be very overconfident. I have always learnt from my mistakes, not to go ahead and repeat the same. Every mistake has been like a teacher to me.

Can you tell us a little about your childhood.

My childhood has been totally opposite to the glamour field. I was very studious, always into studies. My aim of life then was to study, come home, watch TV. Watching TV was one of the things that I always rejoiced, watching all the saas-bahu serials with my mom and rounding off the day with some teen shows. That was daily routine before joining engineering. I always had dreams, loved dressing my dolls, always wanted to look pretty and beautiful one day and that one day came, I think.

Engineering or Modelling. Which is tougher.

Both are equally tough on their part. I don’t find anything tougher than clearing my exams and when I am into modelling, it is equally tougher. There is a lot of competition and you have to give your full output. You perform, you get it. That is the case in both engineering and modelling.

Your family. Who has been the more supportive.

My family is a typical middle class family. My dad is a professor, my mom was into teaching. She retired two months back. I have a younger brother. He just joined engineering. I have an elder sister who is married and settled in Bangalore. Brother-in-law is into IT field and that is how I got into engineering (smiles). I am the only one in seven generations of my family to get into the glamour field.

I just happened to get into modelling and I sort of continued with it. But when offers started coming my way like ramps and shoots, that is when I had to tell my parents that I have such offers and I wanted to do them. In the beginning, there were a lot of discussions going on, how is this field, should we let her go or not. But ultimately my sister and brother-in-law were the first ones to support me. Now with time, my whole family, especially my dad, stand behind me.

Can you tell us about your college life.

I have awesome friends in college naming few of them as Pramit, Apoorva, Nishanth and list starts here having many more names to add which I feel will not be possible in the space allotted (smiles). They have been a backbone for me and not to forget special thanks to my HOD, Dr Ramesh Babu.

You need help when you have to go out, bunk classes and you need to come up with the lectures. Without their cooperation, I wouldn’t have succeeded. They make sure I do my work properly, they make sure I bunk classes and go out with them and at the same time make sure I do whatever is left like studies. Whatever friends I have got, I am really thankful to God. I am lucky to have them in my life.

Fav. actor: Gerald Butler, Hritik Roshan

Fav. actress: Kajol

Fav. movie: Mujhse Dosti Karoge, P.S. I Love You.

Fav. color: Black and White

Fav. dish: Rice and Rajma Chawal

Dream Vacation: The one whom I’ll love or I love(smiles) wherever he takes me will be my dream vacation.

Idea of fun: Be with whom you love

Fitness mantra – Dieting or Gym: Eat proper food ,no dieting, do your own daily chores, don’t be lazy and last but not least “be positive”. Trust me no better mantra to stay fit.