‘Sentinel’ a security application for women from our own Kochi

MindHelix Technologies ,a Kochi based IT company, has launched an app called SENTINEL which is the first app designed with women’s security in mind. The app can send instant alerts in case of any problems. A forced power-off of the phone or an improper exit of the application will trigger an alert to be sent. Prolonged signal loss will also cause a ‘fail safe’ alert SMS and email to be sent from the company’s server.According to the CEO and CO-Founder of the firm , Christin Emmanuel George they are also planning to add a direct emailing or texting to nearest police station as soon as possible. We hope to get their consent in receiving and acting on such information.

With crimes against the fairer sex on the rise, applications like these could provide a sense of security for women. Records show that crime rates against women have increased dramatically in the metros.Sentinel can send multiple SMS and e-mail alerts to preconfigured numbers and e-mail ids. The alerts would include last known location, direction of travel, mode of transportation and vehicle number (which the user can enter). The app has been designed for smart phones including all devices with Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iOS and Java operating systems. The application was designed with the urban woman in mind and requires a continuous cellphone signal.

This application is absolutely free and can be downloaded from
http://sentinel.mindhelix.com/ was so what do you guys have to say about this ? Please share your views in the comment box below .