Rohini Idicula – Interview with Miss Kerala ’07

Rohini Idicula, the winner of the 2007 Miss Kerala pageant, a part of the MAD Organization and someone who describes herself as “confident, determined and cheerful despite the adversities”. Rohini Idicula answers a few questions about her experience with Miss Kerala and winning it.

rohini-idiculaWhat did you do before winning the Miss Kerala Pageant ?

I was in law college when i entered the miss kerala contest.i was also involved with the ngo “Make a Difference”. I would also do the occasional modeling.

What prompted you to take the leap from what you were doing to the Miss Kerala pageant ?

I had participated in the navy queen contest 2002 and I was crowned the second runners up with a subtitle of “Miss Perfect 10”. I wanted to participate in a prestigious contest such as this but when the time was right.and that’s when in 2007 I was prompted by friends and family to participate. And even I felt the time was right. I was looking for a platform to represent my views and for a contest which could also be a learning experience. And I received much more than I asked and more than I could ever imagine!

Can you describe the experience of winning the title ?

Winning the title was a dream come true. I think it is for any normal girl who grows up dreaming of winning a contest and having a beautiful tiara on her head. But its is much more than that. “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”-I just changed overnight from a normal law college girl to “the face of Kerala woman” that year. I had responsibilities and I believe that I have done my best. The year 2007 I could help out the NGO more I was working for by organizing camps and besides that I teamed up with my sister and organized motivational camps for teenagers in leading schools in Cochin,group discussions and seminars in YWCA. Besides this on my personal front I started receiving good modeling and emceeing offers and could fulfill a lifelong dream of walking the ramp for the fashion week in Delhi!

How do you compare your life before and after winning the crown ?

Before winning the crown I wasn’t required to be very conscious of how I presented myself when I go out or meet people or wary of being under public attention. After winning the crown I always had a tag line after my name and people had expectations from a “Miss Kerala”. I knew that it was important that I be a good role model for the youngsters. I would have to say that I’ve become more matured and responsible than before.

Beauty or Brains. Which is more important to win this pageant ?

To win any pageant the most important criterion is your overall personality and how you present that to the judges. It is important that you come out as genuine and confident person,someone who is beautiful from inside and the outside well…and beauty from the outside would be a combination of confidence,poise,elegance and femininity.

What is your message to the Miss Kerala 2009 aspirants. ?

My advise to the miss kerala 2009 asipirants would be “to keep it real”. Don’t worry too much about the crown. Enjoy the week fun and frolic with the team. That in itself is the biggest gift that you can take back with you.the crown will belong to the best contender. Just put in your best and genuine efforts. Also along with your personal achievements do something good for the society around you because the power of any title or honor lies in the power to change someones life for the better..and remember we all are queens in the making!