Rock your independence

Come on kochi , get ready to bang your heads on the independence day. Yeah you read it true , a rock concert is to be held by the famous rock bands of kochi. The bands to perform are :-  Dutch Street, Whitesugar, Motherjane, Herd, Exodus and a surprise act to add cherry to the top of the cake.

The fees structure  to this event are                       :

VVIP Tickets- Rs 1000.

VIP Tickets – Rs 500.

Seated rockers – Rs 250.

Headbangers – Rs 200.

The details of the concert are below:

Venue  : Fine Arts Society Hall , kochi.

Timings: 2:30 pm – 10:00 pm.

So guys rock your freedom and hurry up before you run out of tickets.



  • thank god that guy didn’t say beatles 🙂 atleast things are changing in here as some rock bands are trying to make a name for themselves .. unlike few years back.. its nice to see Kochi listening to the real music genre 🙂