Revenue Tower Cochin – The Re-inauguration!

Finally its happening! A futuristic looking building I had been watching with awe ever since I was little girl back in school some 10 years back is inaugurated!

The Revenue Tower is finally opening to the public! The Housing and Forest Minister Benoy Viswom inagurated the Revenue Tower on Friday. In 2006, the building was first inaugurated by former revenue Minister K. M. Mani before the building was even completed. The public meeting was inaugurated by the Union Minister K. V. Thomas and Fisheries Minister S. Sarma handed over the keys to shop holders.

The Revenue Tower was constructed by the Kerala State Housing Board (KSHB). Various Department offices in the city come under this building. It is a fourteen-storied building, fully air-conditioned and has a total area of 94,000 square metres. Various shops will occupy the basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor, while there will be a restaurant in the third floor.


The cost estimate of this building is 28-crore approximately and will have 126 shops in total. There will be around 40 shops in the basement floor and 8 shops in the ground floor while the first and second floors will be having 39 shops each. The floors from 4 to 12 will have various offices such as court, bank, government offices and offices of public departments. The facility of parking about 100 cars is also provided at the basement floor. The building has two passenger lifts, two capsule lifts and a freight lift with the total capacity of 1,500 kg and there are even plans to install escalators. The main aim is to bring various department offices in the city under one roof.

It took 16 years to complete the Taj Mahal and 15 years to complete the Revenue Tower in Kochi. WHY?! Do chime in your thoughts as this is my first post in CochinSquare. 🙂


  • It really is painful to see how many projects have been stuck for various reasons in Kerala….I really wish to see our state get all the more responsible with the immense resources we have.

    Guess the renevue tower will stand witness to the start of development in cochin. Good write up there, jisha.

  • How to book a shop in this building? I have sent a email to the adrress mentioned in website and no response recieved after 1 week. please guide me