Red Cross disaster management is in Kochi

Disaster management is present in almost all the metro cities in the country and our city Kochi greatly requires this as a lot of disasters take place in here in very less time. So for the disaster management in the district, the Red Cross foundation has set up its services and started its primary plans for the same. The first meeting of the committee of disaster management was held in the Red Cross hall in which was present the district collector P.I. Sheik Pareeth and they have started the primary activities of the disaster management as per the decisions taken during the meeting.

The district administration has set up a squad of 200 members for this disaster management project so that effective working of the squad with maximum services possible can take place. The members who are selected for the squad will be trained by experts from the different sectors of the state that are entrusted to provide service for the people like the police, fire brigades and health authority. By gaining the training from these sectors, the members in the squads will be completely aware of the problem management and how to solve those problems whether they are related to health, protection or any other subject.

This will be of great help to the public as well as the government as a lot of chaos and communal fights are taking place in the city due to the disasters that lead to the various hazardous conditions of the victims. Such a management tool should be set up in all parts of the state- what do you say???