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PYROS2k11” – A National Level Technical Extravagance is scheduled to take place on 10th & 11th of January 2011 at MANGALAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, Kottayam (Ettumanoor). The event is organized by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. The public figure who will be the center of attraction is former chairman of ISRO Sri G MADHAVAN NAIR will be the guest of honor.

This technical festival is a forum for similar minds to interact, share and discuss the latest happenings in the field of Technology and help growth of Science & Technology in India. The fest will be a high profile event which would attract students from all over India to compete on a big scale and showcase their talents. Unlike other technical festivals PYROS2k11 is also extending its platform to school students in the form of a quiz competition named “ENCUESTA” for students from classes 9-12.

The following are the other events included in our fest,
1. INTRIGRUE (Web designing with prizes worth Rs. 7000/-)
2. CIMICO (C Debugging with prizes worth Rs 7000/-)
3. TALENTINE (Project Expo with prizes worth Rs 7000/-)
4. INFERNO (Online Treasure Hunt with prizes worth Rs 4000/-)
5. TALBOT (Photography with prizes worth Rs 3000/- )
6. COLLOSEUM (Network Gaming with prizes worth Rs 9000)
7. ALEGRIA (Dance competition with prizes worth Rs 12000)
8. Session on “CAMPUS BLOGGING”.

Stay connected with pyros2k11 through,
Website   : http://pyros2k11.com
Blog          : http://pyros2k11.com/blog
Mail          : pyros2k11@gmail.com
Twitter     : http://twitter.com/pyros2k11
For details regarding the Location of the campus, Event timings, Event Rules, Online Registration etc. log on to our above mentioned website.

For enquiries contact
Nikhil Vishnu P.V
Mob: +91-9746228247

Arunshah S
Mob: +91-9809826261

Tom George
Mob: +91-8129470571

Toms K Thomas
Mob: +91-9696464680

Nithin M Das
Mob: +91-9496464679

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