Onakkazhcha – A visual treat for my Malayalam

Onakkazcha - A visual treat for my MalayalamOnakkazhcha – A visual treat for my Malayalam is a photography exhibition conducted by Malayalikkoottam at Darbar Hall on August 17th to 23rd.

Malayalikkoottam or koottam as it is known is a fellowship of like minded people from around globe who expresses their ideas through photography. Though the group is an online group focuses mainly on photography they are actively engaged in charity activities, cultural and literal activities around the globe. Various get togethers in India, UK, Quatar, UAE, USA their exhibitions and the recently launched library in Doha, helping needy students, patients etc are some of the activities they have undertaken in the past.

Now koottam is announcing its grand photo exhibition on Cochin during the Onam season. The theme of the event is to bring a visual treat to Keraites from koottam members who are mostly Keralites from various parts of the world. The name of the exihibition Onakkazhcha can be translated as a gift to those who live in the home land from our own people who live around the globe.

Venue : Darbar Hall
Date : August 17 to 23.