“No Shortcut to Success”-Asif Ali

AsifAsif would seem to be just the guy next door but what makes him different is the career he choose after he finished is BBA at Marian college,kuttikanam.while others choose to go for higher studies or hunt for jobs he knew he was born for something else and may be his will alone was his strength to actually make him different.

Asif Ali,one of the new faces introduced by Shyamprasad in his upcoming film RITU has more than what he looks like.He likes to be called”kutti-Tiger” and i guess that name suits him well for what he is.We got few minutes with him to know what’s he made of ?

How did it happen ? Did the movie choose you or where you after it ?

Well ever since my not so great results of my first semester BBA exams came in i made up my mind that pen,paper etc are not my best freinds. It took me some time to actually believe the”actor” in me but after the results its was more or less like my only choice like you have that feeling or something in your head tells you”Kid you’re made for cinema”…you know something like that.

So then joined Indiavision as VJ/producer and then i never had to look back.

Sound liks another moviescript but was the journey very rosy ?

Not at all,My parents wanted me to go for higher studies and the even people around were pretty not so encouraging about choosing this career.But then there were people who believed in me especially My mom who’s been my strength.

So how did RITU happen ?

Well since i was in television building contacts was easy,Cuckoo mam had actually promoted me for attending the audition of RITU and the Shyam Sir saw his charcter alive in me.

So how was the experience ?

Working with Shyam Sir was like the greatest thing to happen to me.He is the most cool director one can work with and the entire team of Ritu was unique.I myself feel so lucky to be associated with such a project.

What plans ahead ? new project ??

Well,Ritu is just releasing next month and new projects are still in discussion.

Any messages for youth who wish to come in similar line ?

Stay focussed and have strong faith in yourself and understand that there is no shortcut to success.


    • no shortcut to success. . . . .is totally right. Sometimes you feel that someone is a “lucky” guy to get to where he is today….but the stories are deeper and complex. Good luck to Asif on his venture. 🙂

  • ASif, u truely are the one most deserving guy to be on this platform. i wish u all the very best.. u made A DREAM COME TRUE. my prayers are always with u. n there iS NO SHORTCUT TO SUCESS… I am proud to havve u my friend in my life.. god bless u da. love u .. loads of love, hugs n prayers..

  • Every one talks about following their dream but very few actually do it…. and he is one person i know for real who has done it…. the others i know are in the books….i m proud of u kaka!!!!! U deserve all success in life….Enjoy every second u ve earned it!!!!!!!! Love ya!!!

  • Appaa!! I know you will make the cut.. I know and I wish you every bit of success in your life. Love you always =)
    your Thach..

  • Hey ! You keep going there bro !
    N you sure are a great inspiration to others in the same line !!! All the best with your project !
    Keep Rockin’ ! 🙂

  • Aliya…what you told is absolutly correct …No shortcut to success.. we ppl are working and earn money but you earn pubilicity more over money… You are the only friend of mine in Malayalam film industry.so i’m proud of you. Only little youngsters are still in the mallu film industry so i think you can achieve more and more things now…so im damn sure that you can….
    Aliya Keep Rocking ….
    Wish you all the best …
    Love Tellychayan

  • u really rocked…………………….my brother me and raneesh moopan will see u soon………………………………All the best for ur future projects

  • hey………. hi……. asif……… u were gud in all d 3 films, a well talented newly actor……. all d best……….

  • Hello ikka, i’m a big fan of ur’s….i like ur all films

    i wishing all the success for ur future..Best Wishesss..ss