Nikitha Narayan – Miss South India 2010 2nd Runner Up : Exclusive Interview

Can you tell us about your life before Miss South India 2010.

Before Miss South India, I was into modelling. My modelling career started way back, when I was 10 years old. I’ve worked for Rajiv Menon for a commercial, Annapoorna Iodised Salt. Then I did a commercial with Trisha for Fair & Lovely. But then we moved out of Chennai and I had to get back to schooling and studies. The next time I got back on the ramp was when I won Dabur Gulabari Fresh Face of Hyderabad contest in 2009, and I was the brand ambassador for a year for Dabur Gulabari.

I did get a lot of offers for movies, but since I am doing my final year of Bachelors of Management Studies, I found it difficult to commit to movies as it would require 3 months of my time and I was not ready to discontinue my studies. And so, I have been on and off with commercials and ramp shows and then Miss South India happened.

What prompted you to take the participate in the Miss South India 2010 pageant.

Honestly, every time you take part in a pageant, it sort of gives you that bit of extra confidence. It happened very casually. I was called for the audition and we had a couple of questions there and I did make it through. I was not aggressively pitching for platforms.

I think it is good to be there. A lot of grooming that happens, irrespective of you wearing the crown or not, it is always a  learning process. You get polished and a lot of experiences that one can take back home. Miss South India was a bigger platform and so that is what made me participate.

Can you re-live the moment during the final round of Miss South India 2010, when you heard your name being announced.

Obviously, I was overwhelmed. Just before announcing the three winners, I had won two subtitles. Miss congeniality which I respect the most because that defines you as a person. Miss beautiful skin came along and finally the runner up crown added to the finish.

But the way I looked at it was that this is a stepping stone for me, this will open a lot of doors ,more opportunities will come my way. This is just a milestone and there is a long way to go. I had a glint of satisfaction in my eyes and it was indeed an overwhelming feeling.

Has your life changed at all after Miss South India 2010.

Life has not changed. I was already in the lime light because of my previous pageant in 2009. Consistency is the hallmark of a successful person. So my wining of Miss South India in 2010 again was appreciated by people. This proved that it was not a flash in the pan. It added another feather to my cap. But yes in the journey, I realized who my true friends are. Some changed their perspective only because of the tag.

How was your experience in Cochin.

Cochin is an amazing place. I should first of all thank the organisers, Pegasus. They made us feel very comfortable. Kerala itself is known for its scenic beauty, God’s own country. Of course, I couldn’t do a lot of sightseeing, but in all it was a pleasant experience.

What are your plans for 2011 and beyond.

I am waiting till March, for my graduation to get completed .I am looking at bigger platforms to compete, to make Andhra Pradesh proud. I want to test waters in movies and modeling. I want to build myself as a brand. After which ,depending on where fortune takes me, I will take a call on the corporate world. Let’s see, I am taking it one at a time.

So, you have plans to step foot in the movie industry.

Yes, definitely, if it is a really good banner or I like the script. But that would happen only after March, after my graduation. But if it can fit into some of the vacations I get and if it is a very tempting offer, I would definitely go ahead.

Immediate priorities in life.

Right now, I want to continue to do well in my academics and finish graduation in flying colors. But I am simultaneously looking at creating good opportunities for my career in the entertainment industry.

Goal in life.

I would want to be happy, because success to me is happiness . I want people to realize that achieving goals are important but the end should justify means. We should be good human beings first of all. I would also want to give back to this community, not just in terms of charity. The purpose of life is to have a life of purpose. We are all young and we need to understand this very quickly. The way I look at it is to be able to make some sort of difference in people’s lives, it could be anybody. It needn’t be charity or donations, it could be small things you could do to help people around you.

Can you tell us a little about your childhood.

During my childhood, I have been to different places throughout South India. My dad had been changing lot of jobs. I’ve been in Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag and Hyderabad for most of the time. I have been living all over South India. This has helped me to learn a lot about new cultures, people and the ability to adapt. In fact, I know seven languages.

I have not studied in one school for more than two years. I have been making new friends all the time. That is how my childhood has been.

Your family. Who has been the more supportive.

Definitely, both my parents have been very supportive .My dad was working  with the top advertising agencies 15 years back and now into corporate communications. So we knew quite a bit about the industry. They know when to pull me back when I am going wrong. My mom comes with me wherever I go. She has given me a lot of emotional support. My younger sister is my best critic. We are a very fun loving family and we are friends, guides and mentors of each other. So the credit goes to my entire family.

Can you tell us about your college life.

College life has been good. I am studying in St. Francis college, which is one of the renowned and popular colleges in Hyderabad. I am a very sincere student (smiles). I am performing well academically. I’ve achieved the proficiency awards, that is, for excellence in academics.

I’ve been trying to balance both, which has been quite challenging. I am a pretty chilled out person and not too much of a hangout freak.

Fav. actor: Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, Siddharth

Fav. actress: Angelina Jolie, Priyanka Chopra, Genelia

Fav. movie: PS. I Love You, Jab We Met, Princess Diaries, Bommarillu

Fav. color: I like all colors

Fav. dish: Mom’s rasam and Aalo fry (Typical South Indian vegetarian)

Dream Vacation: Egypt (an educational tour), Venice, Las Vegas

Idea of fun: Do anything crazy, something out of your normal routine. Like adventure sports

Fitness mantra – Dieting or Gym: Not dieting, definitely. Workout is the best option. Yoga is good  for both body and soul.

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