Night shopping : Onam Festival


City is gearing up for night shopping during Onam festivities.  This will go from August 26 to 30. So shopaholics wake up; what are you waiting for! Various entertainment programmes will be held in different parts of the city. Dance and music performances will also be held to make shopping more colorful. This would bring about a change in the shopping culture from a conventional to a global style.

The shops will be open till 12, so working people can take a relief now. People can shop after office hours. Tourists can go shopping at night and do sightseeing during the day. There won’t be much traffic congestion at night and the only concern will be security for which the police will maintain strict vigil. Kochiites, get out and get yourself pampered, colorful Onam is waiting for you.

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  • There is another side to these festivities. It used to be “Kanam vittum onam unnanam”, but now it is more like “Kanam vittalum onam unnan pattilla”. Looking at the feedback of commoners, the rising grocery and vegetable prices are very prohibitive. Seems like the Govt is not doing much…