Mullapanthal Diaries…

Well, they say that food tastes better when you’re really really, as in really really, hungry..

Well, wonder if we (Me and a buddy of mine, the regular drunkards) were really hungry whenever we decide to drop in at the Mullapanthal Toddy Shop or if the food was just too AWESOME !!

Anyhow, point is, it’s my favourite place to eat in Cochin..

Leaving toddy apart, the food is great, and not to mention cheap.. And sometimes even astonishing.. I didn’t know man could eat so many species of animal.. 🙂

Screw the hosh posh crowds, and the neck-tied waiters !!! You want to get in touch with that little inner Mallu of yours or not??

If yes, check Mullapanthal out.. If no, aaaah, screw it.. As my Dad says ” Ninne onnum paranjittu kaaryamilla”


Now, getting there.. Thats the trickiest part..

Almost eight visits, and I still don’t have much of a clue.. Anyhow, check back.. I’m sure I’ll figure it out one of these days..

This is where you'll end up if you try to find the way yourself !!

And, this is where you’ll end up if you try to find the way all by yourself….


Join CochinSquare’s ‘Take Pride in Being a Mallu Campaign’..(Not real, cooked up for the purpose of this post)

Go visit Mullapanthal today..

Disclaimer : The person who wrote this post is in no way responsible if somebody drinks and drives… And FYI, even if you do it, and then try and sue the author, be warned… He’s broke.. So you won’t get shit !!

PS : Image courtesy Mr. Wik I Pedia, good friend of mine.. And, NO, it’s not Mullapanthal.. Just figured I might entice you a bit..  😉


  • nobody seems to mention of the exclusively banned and forbidden food they serve there….species which are higly banned by the goa and mah govt.
    the great indian bull frog legs !

    besides that
    the great indian rabbit meat
    the great indian “crane, heron, or stalk ” or whatever the bird it called which stands in one leg to catch fish..
    the great indian forest or giant lizard (ompad)
    and many many more
    all unless you ask so
    “ask and you shall seek”

  • ohh… my god…… this is one of my favourite place in cochin… thanks 4 arisseril group 4 such a venture. dear friends… if u will drink… u shld drink atleast oncefrom this heaven…. then i am sure… u will visit this heaven again and again… its relatively cheap and u have a lot of varities of fud;……. visit once… and enjoy the taste……….. ALIYAAAA POKANDEEEEE