Mosquitoes in Cochin

If you are a resident of Cochin, you might have noticed that the pesky blood suckers have increased in numbers and peskiness with people running haywire to get indoors by 6pm in the evenin so reduce the feirceness of the attack of mosquitoes in Cochin. Indoors offer little respite though with these mosquitoes getting immune to every trick in the book like mosquitoe coils, mats, gels and more recently repellent body gels and even the sporty and trendy mosquito killer tennis bats.

I have decided to rename All-Out, a popular brand of liquid based mosquito repellent, to “Aal Out” (aal means people in Malayalam) because its’ smell repels the humans in the room than the mosquitoes it is intended for. Recently a newspaper in cochin published this photo which isthe reality of the ground zero condition.


I have seen issues like water, power, ram temple and other issues for election season, can someone please initiate a Anti-Mosquito Campiagn for Elections next time please!