The Queen is movin’ the mall-way if recent news from the retail realty market is assessed. Cochin has finally opened her doors to the Mall concept, and boy, aren’t we getting to see some cracker of shopping malls! Ironically the first mall in Cochin opened a wee bit late when you put into perspective the malls showcased by Trichur (City Center) and Calicut (Focuz) a few years back.

Oh, but Cochin has chosen to exhibit malls of a totally different breed, yeah, the one-shop-stop for all your needs; shopping or entertainment.  Here comes the long list of them beauties…yay!

Oberon Mall

3,50,000 sq ft

NH Bypass

Edappally-Palarivattom Road

Status: OPEN!


Gold Souk

5,00,000 sq ft

Vytilla, NH Bypass

Status: Opening shortly


Summit Mall

6,50,000 sq ft

MG Road

Status: Under Construction

The Summit

Lulu Mall

2 million sq ft


Status: Under Construction

Lulu Mall

Q1 Mall

4,40,000 sq ft

Vytilla, NH Bypass

Status: Under Construction; opening Dec 2010

Q1 Mall

Baani Mega-mall

4,00,000 sq ft

Vytilla, NH Bypass

Status: Under Construction

Baani maga mall

Abad Nucleus

1,25,000 sq ft


Status: Under Construction

abad mall

Grand Mall

2.5 lakh sq ft


Status: Under Construction


Metro One


Status:  Opening shortly


Metro one

Forum Mall

1 million sq ft

Kundanoor, NH Bypass

Status: Under Planning


Empire Mall

3,00,000 sq ft


Status: Under Planning

Empire mall

Heera Highlife

3,75,000 sq ft


Status: Under Planning


Heera Highlife

Come 2011 Cochin-ites will have the overwhelming luxury of choices to decide where they’re heading out for the weekend. A revolution in the way the citizens view shopping… :)

Author :

scorpio, but far from a genius. XY chromosomal, travel addict, media-holic, big-city maniac, fun loving and absent minded. That's me in a nutshell! :)

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  1. giri

    malls are really good for cochin, but they shud also provide a good parking facility for that i suppose the upcoming lulu will be the best

  2. Wow, a very detailed and informative post. From where did you get all this data ?

  3. TheReporter

    This will definitely create a different visual aspect to Cochin in the tourism map..Thanks for such an informative post…

  4. Rahul Nair

    all tat sounds gr8…bt i dont lyk the mumbai model of lyf…………

  5. My question is exactly same as Kenney!! This is exhaustive and informative!!!! Gr8 work genius! :)

  6. @ giri, all the upcoming malls definitely have ample parking space. The Corporation has been pragmatic on that account. Those respective websites tell you how much space they’ve for parking. Only that the authorities have to make sure the parking space wont metamorphose into cubicle godowns for the tenants overnight. 😉

    @ Kenny, Reporter and Anand, thanks :) is my abode, and I’ve been following the realty market for a few years now. wasn’t too difficult, honestly.

    @ Rahul, we aren’t there yet! All cities feature malls now, its the way of life.

  7. Cochin will become another Bombay in five years… With no expansion possible towards one side (sea) things will get crowded. And with no ring road possibility around the city, the traffic will get worse! I somehow liked the old Ernakulam and Cochin (of the 80s)

  8. I visited skyscrapercity forum.a moderator sudheesh is prejudiced and many other members from trivandrum comes and creates nuisance in the cochin forum.isn’t it plain jealousy?why can’t trivandrumites understand that kochi is the future and trivandrum will be slowly turning into a smaller town day by day?

  9. Shyam CLT

    @Eeman,When something hyped in Kochi forum in SSC it irritates u and the socalled Kochi forumers came to tvm forum and created problems (eg:AAJACOB,NIK,SPUTNIKID,Skrcrapper09 etc etc) where were you people?At last what happend one of those kid was arrested by police.

    Edited for foul language by admin

  10. @shyam…pls refrain from posting abusive language….

  11. Shyam CLT

    @TheAnand..Athu maryadha..Ithu eppozhum venam.ketto mone..

    @Eeman..Now what u want to say??my reply also edited by admin..thatz what the same thing was the mod in SSC doing…Istead of irritating other forums try to get rid of the mosquitoes..Otherwise we will get into the field and kill all u “mosquitoes”

  12. You can get these information from or Skyscraper Cochin blog. These are 3 year old

  13. Shyam CLT

    @Palash..Ponnu mone athu nammade NIK nte blogs alle.Pinne The Pulse of the city of Cochin???Athu enthaa ithra pulse???Kothuku Paattinte Pulse Aano?

  14. Palash

    Eeman > Sweeping statements are unacceptable. You think just by growing up in a place/race/community would make people less of humans ? There are isolated idiots anywhere eg, one who writes here as “Shyam CLT”. Take care not to be one such by making such sweeping comments.

  15. Shyam CLT

    @Palash..SAME TO YOU MONE….

  16. Kochi is sure developing fast.Hope the city to grow outside ,especially towards Eastern Parts rather than Congesting whole city.During that chennai silks showroom inauguration ,people from long distance came to Kochi congesting the Whole MG Road.How sad!that means ,Government must not allow permit for big showrooms especially like textile and other crowd pullers in MG Road OR make sure ample Car Parking Facilities(At least for 5000 cars) by the shops.

    By The Way ,Malls Opening at outer areas is a nice change.
    good luck Kochi.

  17. I know…..but putting them near the highways is not really helping :) The whole of NH is clogged when there is a event in the oberon. When Lulu comes up….its going to be a hell of a party in that junction too!

  18. Hey this is too good info… The only Problem is the Traffic Jam going to happen and Suffering of normal people who does small business to Survive here…..

  19. Why doesn’t the people outside from kochi who drive vehicles learn that Vehicles should not be swerved to both sides and to be driven straight inside the city?Today ,I saw a XYLO getting Scratched due to Some fellow who swerved the vehicle near South Over Bridge.Driving inside City needs some concentration and some training as well.Atleast Kochi RTO and Police Should Place Hoardings outside the City in major gateways into the city Explaining “Vandi Citykkullil Avidekkum Ividekkum Vettichu Odikkaruthe”. 😀 😉 I am fed up of the long no. of newbies who drive carelessly as in highrange area.I found that most vehicles doing rash driving in this “PARTICULAR” way are KL-5.KL-33,KL-35,KL-6,KL-3 Vehicles.I have seen a Guy with a KL-33 Swift stopped in MG Road North End for around 5minutes since in panic ,He cannot get the damn car started!
    I Hope this Website’s Article Contributors Should Share these incidents as well as recommended driving Habits inside Kochi City Traffic.


  20. PP


    Great article,

    But a basic ethic in this business requires you get permission from the people who have rights for the images you use, or you have taken them from…

    Or at the least acknowledge it and give the due credits to the source in your main article. this could lead to copyright violation..

    while i understand these rules are crap in India, I still believe ethics and gentlemen can still be found.


  21. @ PP, thanks for the response and the comment taken in the right tone.

    But as you’re aware all these details are open for anyone in the public domain. The sources from which the images were taken are clearly exhibited under the project description whenever possible. The websites of the builder or the architect are linked to in the article in case you haven’t noticed.

    Moreover this is a site pertaining to Cochin developement and this is a ‘FYI’ article. These projects have been showcased on various forums and blogs before here and we’ve just compiled it together for easy reference. I think the folks behind these malls wouldn’t mind if their projects are given more exposure through public forums. This one is not run for pure commercial purposes, I presume.

  22. vivek

    Lulu mall will surely change mall life in Kochi. Gold Souk is to open in few weeks, if not later than that.

    Kochi is most suitable for such mall life due to business it does. There are lot of high end gangs in Kochi, who earlier were cursing city for not having such life. I am happy that Kochi malls are lined at edapally area. Anyway for all your information, in at least 2 -5 years time Kochi bypass from Edapally to Aroor will become clogged like Kaloor or MG road unless they build flyover at Vytilla and from Aroor to Edapally (extentable to Aluva or so). Kochi has to think much for its glamourous future. Guys Vallarpadam is set to be inaugurated in Nov mostly.

  23. the next thing needed is Pubs.I think the orthodox,conservative Malayalees will not be ready for that kind of changes?

  24. Rahul

    So many malls in kochi, wow..
    The Bypass will be another MG Road when all these malls are finished. Lulu mall is going tp be the biggest of them all.

  25. CM

    Atleast in future we cochin’ite will have more places to hang out !!!

  26. Rohan

    When will the Gold Souke open ? It was supposed to be inaugrated on Onam. What happened ?

  27. golds souk is not opening short;y,its OPEN with KFC as its first stall

  28. Rohan

    Gold Souk is opening on Dec 30 2009

  29. hi all , cochin is going great heights,dont worry we(i) want all parts of kerala especially TVM,CALICUT and all district capitals to develop as well. This is not a place to fight. lets think of bright future only,no fighting……just share your feeling .your word shows your real manners.

  30. manish sarda"born 2 lead''

    hey dis is 2 good info………..the lulu mall is going 2 rock cochin.the nxt thing we need pubs&discos in cochin 2 enjoy night life………………

  31. Shrike the Unholy

    Will all these malls be comercially viable? The malls in Gurgaon are running into huge losses, the footfalls aren’t translating to sales/revenues. I would like to see European style “retails streets” being developed in Cochin conforming to Kerala architecture. Good compilation Scorpio and thanks for your efforts.

  32. CM

    i agree to ur view Shrike…..C wat happnd to Bay Pride Mall..!!!!
    Wen Oberon came, the whole rush moved thre ….not much ppl goin 2 bay pride nw…
    I rembr the week wen KFC at Gold Souk opnd…thre was huge crowd…
    whre as at Oberon, tht was the least crowded week…!!!
    So wat will happn if Souk opens in full???

    Ppl move frm place to place…..

    As said by Shrike, footfalls r not workin 4 the shops…they need revenues….& the european style retail streets r a good choice…it can also help in showin our cultural heritage :)

    Wen Lulu, the biggest mall, starts….all the other malls will completely be ruled out….
    Malls & big buildings alone jus wont work out to turn cochin into somthin!!!!

  33. I agree it will be fight for survival when all these malls are going to open, but from a consumer’s or citizen’s point of view I won’t complain. Afterall I’m being given the overwhelming choice of picking one from the basket for a weekend out, and each mall has the potential to provide a unique shopping/entertainment experience.

    But I do firmly believe that once Lulu Mall opens it is going to cannibalise the footfalls and business of all other existing and planned malls in Cochin. Lulu is going to be THE destination mall, and it would require some serious efforts from the occupants of other malls to keep their business going. Incorporating a multiplex may help, like for Oberon or Gold Souk, but for ordinary citizens its win-win :)

  34. These Malls are definitely gonna change the lifestyle of ppl @Cochin for sure. We all think of the survival of other malls wen Lulu opens :D.

    Have anyone thought of normal shops situation when these Huge Malls open in Cochin?? Just take Reliance fresh as example. When that opened all the vegetable shops surrounding it and within 1Km was almost closed just bcoz they don’t have customers to buy their products. What’s actually happening then. The person who just lives with that shop will have to find another way to earn money.

    So all the people who starts the Hi-Fi shops will survive and who just open a shop for his daily earning will have to stop and start a new business…

    Not everyone can be a Salaried man.. All the markets and shops have a great threat wen all these Malls come..

  35. sanjay nair

    Hummmm!! I one way this is going to help kochilite there will be some life in the city till late night. 

    Else after 8 p.m the entire city turns into a ghost town. No buses, No shops, No eateries it’s worse that hell.  

  36. Stevin John

    Is it true???????????????????

  37. Jaison Kaleekal


    Please add the Unitech mall details here. I do not know how to..

  38. Jaison,

    the best way is to start a new post as a Part II of this list. Its better than editing and adding on to the post every time a new mall is announced. I believe there are a good few more apart from the Unitech project.

    thanks and cheers! :)

  39. Pramod

    Impressive post and thnx for keeping us updated

  40. Arun

    Without proper road things are gonna get worse………….

  41. sam

    please add unitechs great india place mall -*(10 lakh sq feet -1/2 of lulu) its increadible

  42. roy

    marvellous n amazing updates……….

  43. mike

    i guess its great but the ppl in kerala suck!!:DD

  44. very informative posting. Thank you very much

  45. very helpful posting

  46. Cochin will become super city in few years

  47. cochi is always different than other cities

  48. a thorough home work by scorpiogenius!!!
    very informative.

  49. I just could not depart your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the standard info a person supply for your visitors? Is gonna be again steadily in order to check out new posts

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