5 thoughts on “Lulu Shopping Mall

  1. When Lulu comes out, Cochin city might shift a bit towards edapally, tweetups and meetups and hangouts would have a new place. Good for me, Lulu is really close and easy to reach by bus 🙂

  2. hi everybody, people of kochin, u r really lucky to get a shopping mall like lulu.as i have worked in lulu, its really a great place for shopping.the facilities and the customer service is as good as anythig.enjoy shopping there.

  3. Hi,
    Poeple of cochin u r lucky enough that Lulu is launching it first flag ship mall in cochin, that to India’s largest mall. Guys as i have worked in Lulu, i know it better, it will be a great experience to shop in lulu where everything is taken care for the customers. Customer is treated as the king. I wish lulu extends its wings in other parts of India at the earliest.

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