Lifestyle Clinics to be launched soon

The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) of Kerala would be rolling out lifestyle clinics across the state to provide easy access to medical treatment, recognising the threat of non communicable diseases. These clinics will be based at sub-centre level of Primary Health Centre. This will help in covering up the entire state at a much faster rate. A checklist will be maintained of people above 30 years of age with their family history of hypertension, diabetes, cardiac ailment as well as other diseases at the sub-centre. A daily register would also be maintained to check the number of people approaching the clinic and the types of diseases.

For this project Rs 2 crore has been already allotted and the sum will be distributed to each district depending upon the preferences. Those identified with lifestyle disease would be counselled about disease management and would be provided with preventive medicine if needed. These clinics are expected to begin this month. At present there are three polyclinics in Kerala (Kalamassery, Kadayiruppu, and Ezhikkara) which are functional.