• With all due respect to fellow citizens of this town, Cochin is an awesome name and it’s what we are more known as and that’s what we should call our city/town. In comparison Kochi sounds like someone tried to cough & sneeze at the same time (kooh & achee). Really changing a name just to make it sound more Malayalam like or in case of there states more Indian like, is utter nonsense.

  • It should be Kochi only , the most modern and easiest name.And should b=use the unique city name Kochi for all purposes instead of using ernakulam/cochin /kochi.Kochi is more user friendly and cute name .its more malayalee name also .

  • Railway stations in India have been named as per their location. Note that there is no station named Kolkata or Calcutta. The stations in Kolkata being named Haora and Sealda. Sp we have a Kolkata Rajadhani on which you can not buy a ticket to Kolkata (In fact it does not even enter the Kolkata part of the city)

    So it in not necessary. It is also important not to change the name when there is actually a station called Cochin Harbour Terminus, though it is not used by ay long distance train now.