Maersk Sembawang to touch Vallarpadom


July 16, 2011

2 thoughts on “Maersk Sembawang to touch Vallarpadom

  1. Please dont pass wrong information to people. Maersk Sembawang is not the biggest in Maersk Line. There are lots of ships much bigger than this in Maersk. The biggest Maersk line ship is 397 M long Maersk E class vessels( Emma Maersk and her sistert vessels), which have a capacity of 14000 TEU. 18000 TEU is expected next year though. I am a Mersk line officer presently writing this from a 367 M long ship

    1. Sorry officer, actually you misunderstood the headline. I completely agree with what you have wrote, actually the content under this headline has all the info…it is the largest container vessel to call at south India till date. The whole idea was to convey this information. My bad, for posting an inappropriate headline. We always try to post the right information sir .

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