Kuch bhi ho saktha hai – dramatized autobiography of Anupam Kher @JT PAC

The coming  5th of June , Kochi is going to witness a very rare event, at JT PAC , which is a dramatized autobiography of the prolific Hindi cine actor Anupam Kher.Its first time in the history of theatre that an autobiography of an actor who is still practising his trade is made is being dramatized.

Anupam Kher acted in more than 300 films,and was a part of many of the blockbuster films
and can be called as one of the most versatile actors Indian cinema has seen in modern times. With he himself narrating and dramatizing the important moments of his life its going to be a remarkable event.
Basically the play will be saying the triumph of a small town man making in-roads to the stardom of cine world, but with some real life incidents like his rejection from ‘Gandhi’ audition and his personal relationships will make it far more than that .The script for the play are handled by Ashok Patole and Feroz Khan and direction is done by Feroz Khan.