Kochi to stay green and clean soon

It’s an impossible task to refrain people from using plastic bags in order to free Kochi from garbage menace and to keep it green and pollution free within a short span of time. Considering this challenge, the Kerala State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has come up with an alternate option. The KSPCB is planning to introduce the use of non recyclable plastic wastes as fuel in high temperature cement kilns. The municipal solid waste treatment plant at Brahmapuram will be used as source to supply this alternate fuel (non recyclable plastic wastes). This would eventually help the Municipality Department to establish a good relationship as well as mutual trading opportunity with the cement factories.

This is eventually a great innovative idea by the board as the cement kilns provide extremely high destruction removal efficiency for the plastic waste at a temperature of 1400 degree Celsius. This project is a promising and much required step to keep Kochi green and clean forever.