Kochi Startup – RHLvision Ready For The Proud Moment At Vienna

Kochi Startup is bringing proud moments for the Indians with the technology race to be witnessed at Vienna. RHLvision (Robotic Human Logic) wearable gesture tech, a Kochi-based Startup incubatee, is shortlisted in the top 50 startups among 700 applicants globally to share ideas on innovations, at one of the renowned and largest Europe’s Startup events, Pioneers Challenge to be held in Vienna on October 30 and 31.Pioneers Festival - Startup

Rohildev. N, the RHLvision founder is ready to ramp up the company’s latest product, FIN – Wearable Gesture Interface. The event to be held at the Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna, will bring top investors, CEOs of various tech ventures, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and pioneers to welcome the “new era of innovators”.

RHLvision, invented a number of products, including Ferneplayer (World’s first touchless music player for smartphones), hands-free wearable technology for surgeons to browse web in operation theatres for video conferencing and so on, which led them to the spotlight and now the only Startup from India to be qualified in the Vienna tech race.Rohildev

FIN technology aims to benefit physically challenged to operate different devices like wheelchairs and smartphones. Rohildev’s venture at Kochi Startup Village brought his idea into reality in leaning towards touchless and wearable computing, augmented reality, natural user interface, artificial intelligence for PCs and more.

The small hardware, FIN can be worn on one’s thumb and palm could be used as a gesture controlled surface, which can be interacted with any Bluetooth-enabled device ( example: mobile phone, smartTV). This makes work pretty easy, as you can swipe your fingers to dial a contact or turn on TV. Rohildev N, founder of RHLvision, said, “in other gesture-based experiences, you have to move your hand close to a camera (fitted on the TV or computer). With Fin, you don’t have to stretch a single muscle. You don’t even have to go to a camera to wave your hand.”

If you look at the functioning of the device; the 1.25cm Bluetooth-enabled gadget got three in-built sensors which transmit the signal to the smartTV preloaded with RHLvision’s elixir software. The body interaction can be controlled within a 100 meter range.

FIN news has gone viral and not to miss, this Wearable Gesture Interface has recently won Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge 2nd Runner Up in Regional Final with $1,000, powered by Nokia Lumia and BizSpark Plus.Microsoft BizSpark

To fulfill Rohildev’s vision, the team is working to the ground to bring gesture interaction at forefront and has raised Rs 12 lakh from Radix Malik Group, Delhi for a 12% stake. Also they are looking to stream revenue from new investors and those within. Mr Rohildev said, “in six months we are planning to hit the market on a global scale and our product will totally change the human interaction with systems and technology and will shift the entire human race to a new technology era.”