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MV-AQUAMARINE-COCHINLouis Cruises India will set sail the first international cruise from the country from December 2, 2009. The cruise which is scheduled to be run till the end of April 2010  from Cochin Port with their M V Aquamarine luxury liner is expected to carry around 1200 passengers.

This is the first time a port in India has been chosen as a home port. If you are like me, you are probably thinking that home port has something to do with luxury liners’ departure from the Kochi port. Wrong! Home port as the all-knowing  Wikipedia tells us is a vessel’s port of origin as shown on its documents and it is lettered on the back of the ship itself.

Another moment of pride folks! We got a ship with a “Cochin” name on it sailing the Indian Ocean operating to Sri Lanka for two days and Maldives for another three.

Wait, did I mention that its a first in the country! :) Nice.

For those who did not get a word I just said, feel free to checkout some photos of the cruise ship here and here ;)

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