Kochi Police Goes Hi-Tech

blackberry-kochi-policeThe Cochin city Police is all set to tackle the traffic volators by upgrading its force into Hi-Tech gadgetery. After the Banglore (Bangaluru) Police found some good success with the usage of gadgets, Kochi Police is trying its hands with the Blackberry to book the notorious violators in Cochin City. Starting this tuesday, four cops are assigned the Blackberry and they will be able to issue slips against the offences.

The blackberry will be connected to the Motor Vehicles Department database which will be able to give the traffic inspectors immediate and live information on the culprit vehicle including past violations. The cops can also send pictures as proof to this central database.

This has been started on a experimental basis for the time being, but is soon expected to reach all police stations in the city soon if they prove productive. This comes on the second stage of gadetery of Cochin Police as previously the police were provided with Nokia N-73 phones to send evidence the central database.