Kochi Goes Pink

Protect your Mom campaign in association with KUDS India is organizing a pink walkathon to create awareness about breast cancer. The Protect Your Mom campaign was started by Ms. Premi Mathew from Kochi, currently residing in Dubai. Started in 2010 , now the campaign has close to 8500 followers. The basic idea behind this campaign is to raise the awareness among children about breast cancer and how they can help their mothers in early detection.



The campaign has gained popularity by word of mouth and has close to 1850 followers on its Facebook page. Along with the walkathon, the campaign is also inviting students to design posters, dances, skits, slogans, anything to create awareness about self exams in a language which students can relate to. The date for the walkathon has not been finalized. Students can send in their entries to pym20101@hotmail.com. There are exciting prizes on offer for selcted entries.


Those interested in joining the walkathon can join the Facebook Page  KOCHI GOES PINK

The exact date and time will be decided shortly.