Kochi gets multiplex at Oberon Mall

And it is not April fools joke for Cochin!

cochin multiplex

Kochi today joins the prestigious list of cities which have a multiplex. On April 1,2010, the first multiplex of kochi will be inaugurated at the Oberon Mall. Inauguration is done by cine star Prithviraj. Cinemax started kochi multiplex. There are four screens in this multiplex, with altogether 634 seats. Thanthonni will be the first film shown there.

According to Manorama report the regular screening will be started only from friday (2nd April 2010). Shows will start at 10 am. Show timings are 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm. The ticket rates not yet been finalized.

Kochi also joins hands with major cities which has multiplex. Actually multiplex is a boon for new generation filmmakers.

Firstly, The rates are high so number of completed days will become irrelevant. Multiplex put forward the concept shopping+movie without wandering much. I think kochi needs more more multiplex, at least one in bay pride mall in the near future.

Kindly add information you get regarding ‘kochi multiplex’ only that will complete this article.

Photo Credit: Mani Karthik


  • There are advertisements in The Hindu and Metro Manorama regarding this. For telebooking 4113222, Website: http://www.cinemax.co.in
    Thanthonni, Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, Paiya, Class of the Titans, LSD are the movies going to show there.
    There will be break in between. In the ad it is written ‘with Recliner facility’ (don’t know what it is).

  • It is better to have a multiplex in baypride mall easy to access, within city, just few steps to marine drive.

  • But that would mean HUGE congestion at the already congested bay pride. I hate going to the bay pride due to the traffic…..its time we expanded the city to the out skirts.

  • Ticket rates starting from Rs.80/-(morning show) upto Rs.200/-. Averate ticket price is Rs.100-120/-.

    there are 14 recliner seats in Theater No.3 , recliner seats recline up to 150 degrees…. you will get even free blankets if you wish to sleep…..!

  • Multiplex at OBERON mall celebrates its first B’day today (Cochinsquare.com, had a post on the subject)