Khati Rolls, anyone? – Dal Roti at Fort Kochi

Simple Simon

June 5, 2009

14 thoughts on “Khati Rolls, anyone? – Dal Roti at Fort Kochi

  1. North Indian food in Kochi! I loved it when I went to Manipal for a fortnight…got so used to the rotis that I made it a point to find a resturant in Kochi that provides it…..and this post comes! Thats like….god sent! Great review too…

  2. Good review… I have been there once.. food was delectable but what scored top for me was their buttermilk…never tasted anything like that before!..simply yummmalacious (thats a made up word btw)…just to show my liking for the namkeen lassi 🙂

    Contemporary & warm ambiance….A must check out place!

  3. Been there four times already, and loved it even more each time.. 😀

    Last time I went there, I heard about some challenge that Ramesh Uncle throws to anyone.. If they finish something off all by themselves, they get to have it free.. Apparently, though, it’s an impossible task in itself.. Forget the name of the dish though.. Anybody enlighten me?? I’m thinking of eating nothing from morning one of these days and hitting Dal Roti at night.. 😀

  4. @JR

    The challange dish is ‘Awadhi samosa parantha’. Be prepared, it can put all pro’s to shame. 🙂


    P.S: This comment was posted from dal roti while @having kathi roll’s.

  5. @ Anand,
    He he sure, will do one of these days.. Do heed KG’s warning though.. I did hear that it was a near impossible task.. 🙂

  6. thanks a lot for the very kind words…. smiling.. it’s always good to hear good things said about one but in all honesty would rather you come with an empty stomach and no expectations.. and ohh! my mobile number is 974.6459.244

  7. The food is something to die for, but the icing on the cake is Ramesh. Dal Roti & the food would never be the same without the “flavour” of Ramesh.

  8. Visited once. Lassi was watery. The papads arrived late – and was not even remotely crisp. Oh yea, we wanted to have some fish, and our host recommended a fish curry. The fish was not fresh and not cooked well… Ugh!

    You can tell how lousy it is – when a Tamil makes a terrible sambar and a Kochinite cooks an ugh fish dish.

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