Some tips to KFC cochin

Here is a post about KFC Cochin, from the archives and some fresh tips 😉

Kentucky Fried Chicken Cochin ( KFC Cochin )

The crispy-crunchy chicken is the most liked variety of its kind in the Queen of Arabian Sea! Did you know that  KFC’s secret recipe was invented eight decades ago?.

The Menu

Kentucky fried chicken is available in various forms like chicken wings, popcorn,strips, toasted wraps, burgers and drumsticks! And keep in mind, you got to follow a rule while eating this (sounds like bournville??)- bite the chicken “prey”, you hear thecrunchy sound??, you are on the right track; the juice just oozes out of it and fills your mouth and just melts in!  Andthe rest is, you will be lost in it and would come to your senses only when you finishyour meal!! And talking about digestion, this will remain in your stomach for a couple of hours. And the best part is your budget fits in – you will find a wide range of choices foryou to be able to pick the food suiting your budget; whether it be going for a snack mealor a chicken bucket. Besides the chicken, they also have the best drinks to be served-Krushers-“available only at KFC”. KFC, as for now, is present only at Gold SoukeGrande Mall, Vyttila. This amicable place is at its best for you and your buddies if you want to have a party, a birthday treat (as a personal experience) or a date! . More outlets will be stacked in to Cochin at theLulu Mall, Edappally (32 in number).

Some Tips to KFC from friends

Got a suggestion from Riyaj Jayaprakash: ” need to have them (crushers) in cinema halls ( Q cinemas) !! I’m lovin it!!:)

Kanika Singh told to bring in something new : “it used to be good…bt nw it isnt fresh anymore 🙁 🙁 bt still guys dig it”

And KFC , you will have competition here soon Shrey Shivaram: “i am waiting 4 Mc D since log..no1 can beat their burgers..KFC bucket chkn is yummyyy

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