Jovita George – Miss Kerala 2005

July 27, 2009    

Jovita Tess George, An engineering student from Rajagiri Engineering College was the surprise winner of the 2005 Miss Kerala pageant. She went on to anchor TV shows and modelling. Jovita Tess George, winner of Miss Kerala 2005 event shares with us her experience @ Miss Kerala.

jovita-tess-georgeWhat did you do before winning the Miss Kerala Pageant?

Before (and after ) enrolling for the pageant I was just a normal college going girl like any of my other college mates. My
senior in college, Reshma George was the previous Miss Kerala, so my seniors pushed me and 4 other girls into it. Talking about what I did just before the competition, like all the other participants , I was part of the week long grooming session. I dint do anything different from the other girls. Just went with the flow, checing out other
girls, commenting, having a complex and all that.. :)

What prompted you to take the leap from what you were doing to the Miss Kerala pageant ?

I already answered this question in the previous question. I got to owe it all to my college seniors, and my friends Dhanya, Anjali, Sijo, Vivek, Linz, Roshan, Abhimanyu, Arun and the rest of 2007 batch of Rajagiri school of engineering and technology for all the non-stop support encouragement and love they gave me.

Can you describe the experience of winning the title ?

It was too unrealistic and far-fetched for a girl like me. I dint, I couldnt digest it. It was 2 weeks into the whole thing that it actually started dawning on me that I was Miss Kerala 2005! Life has changed after that, but very gradually though.. because i wanted it that way. I still wanted to be the normal college girl, and I was. I worked as an engineer for 2 years after I passed out. And now I think I’m ready for all the glitz glammer and assholes in the business, so here I am! :)

How do you compare your life before and after winning the crown ?

Looks like I have a thing for predicting your questions.  :) I’ve already answered this question in the previous question.

Beauty or Brains. Which is more important to win this pageant ?

Brains hands down. There were prettier girls the year i participated.

What is your message to the Miss Kerala 2009 aspirants. ?

Go for it. Dont let anything hold you back! Its a great platform, especially for all those girls who wants to get associated with fame and media . And also all the girls who would be smart enough to use the crown to benefit Kerala, and influence young minds in a  positive direction.  I believe I have imparted confidence to all those dusky beauties of
Kerala who were otherwise not percieved as ‘beautiful’. Thats horseshit. Theres much more to beauty than skin colour. And its high time we Keralites woke up to that, accepting and loving who we are instead of aspiring and admiring something or someone else. We are special. We need to realise that first for the world to realise that.

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