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ranjini-haridasRanjini Haridas, Miss Kerala ’00. The heartthrob host of the popular reality show Idea Star Singer shares with us her experiences as a participant and winner of Miss Kerala. The Miss Kerala 2009 pageant is now open for new applicants till the 20th July 2009.

What did you do before winning the Miss Kerala Pageant ?

I just completed my 12th from the choice school. Miss Kerala happened during my break between high school and college…way back in 2000!!

What prompted you to take the leap from what you were doing to the Miss Kerala pageant?

Nothing really..It was more about honoring my word I’d given to the organizers the previous year that I’d enter after my schooling.I was jobless and it sounded fun.

Can you describe the experience of winning the title?

Well.. no surprises there..I was ecstatic. For one I dint think I had a chance so I was over the moon.

How do you compare your life before and after winning the crown?

Miss Kerala laid the foundation for my transformation from a gawky high school teenager to a confident , independent young woman. So I guess it was quite a change. Apart from that I did get a lot of work opportunities in the TV,modelling and media related industries. It widened my world of opportunities.

ranjini-haridas-miss-keralaBeauty or Brains. Which is more important to win this pageant?

Oh come on..I won this title so I’m guessing hopefully more brain than beauty!
I think it’s a balance of both.As for external beauty you just need to be presentable but personality and character would outweigh that any day. Confidence, awareness and intelligence would play a deciding factor as well.

ranjini-haridas-miss-kerala-2What is your message to the Miss Kerala 2009 aspirants?

A message hmm… lets see… for one I hope all the contestants have a lot of fun and no matter what the results turn out to be I hope all of them will be able to emerge as stronger more confident individuals. It is a process that enables one to discover your inner self so utilize it properly. It is a wholesome experience and I hope everyone cherishes it.

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