Interview with Ranjini Haridas – Miss Kerala 2000


July 16, 2009

47 thoughts on “Interview with Ranjini Haridas – Miss Kerala 2000

  1. A good casual interview …. It was nice to hear your exprnce in the contest …. moreover im a big fan of you … all the best for ur future …

  2. I dont know why, but ever since i first laid my eyes on Ranjini all i could think was – anyone can win Miss Kerala. i never ever thought anything was great abtout her. She comes across as a real unadulterated 100% wannabe of something noone would ever wannabe.. Instead of actually sittin and yappin waya to glory about nonsense she needs to grace the cover of some fatloss magazine. That she has successfully done well and im proud of her for that.

    My advice to Ranjini :

    1. Get a a nose job. After all the rweight loss, ur nose is too big for ur face.

    2. Learn either of these two things PROPERLY… and use it PROPERLY…… ENGLISH OR MALAYALAM!!!!!


    3. Hmmm….. I have a lot more pointers for you which should not be discussed in public so ill leave it to u….

  3. This was a very nice interview and i am sure this would be an inspiration for the others..She is as always awsome.

    Salim Bhai i think her nose if perfect the way they are. there is nothing wrong with her.. she is also doing a fantastic job as an anchor and also as a model…

    I am a great fan of ranjini and always a great supporter and ofcourse a great friend….

  4. A good anchor, many people do some unwanted comments on her anchoring, but one thing she is simply simple and efficient

  5. My Dearest Ranjini,

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  6. I haven’t read the complete interview… but I have read each and every word of Sreedhar’s comment.

    This is HILARIOUS!!! C’mon… Who posted that? Anyway, NIII…IIICE!

  7. I’m speechless…
    I’m dumbfounded…
    I’m in doubt over my own existence.. What is the purpose of living if you don’t meet guys like Mr. Ganapathy at least once in your life.. Man, I salute you, and wishing you all the best..TO GET WELL SOON..

  8. i am rose, rangini……. i loving too much……. please under stand me. i am a regular viewer to idea star singer.very good perfomance and you are a good unique anchor. also you are mine.

  9. Of all the Miss Kerala that have come out into the world, by far you are the best Ranjini.
    I hate all the otherwastes like Archana( useless american) , Sree Thulasi (waste) , Rohini( stupid Icecream female), Jovita (useless black waste) , Reshma( stupid ugly waste), Nova( she is hot)

    Of all this i love u only Ranjini. You are the best. All the other winners think they can anchor and model, but sadly they are all wastes.
    Ranjini ,ROCK ON!!!

  10. Hi friends

    I pity for Sreedhar Ganapathy, I think his wife left (?)because of his eccentricity.He is such a professional , who got a mere 2,000.00 pounds offer from UK , so that he can escape to UK with Renjini…hahahahahaha…hi man..have you got a stuff called brain inside that coconut shell..she is drawing 2,000.00 pounds per week, so if you need any assistance for next globe trotting..she can send you few pounds..please don’t check our patience

  11. lolz wt hell is dis ranjini is havin such a great demand ol over newys i hav jus 1  request 4 ranjini plzz accept this dat guy sreedhar he zz a perfect match 4 yuu plz consider him seriosly ranjini hess jus mad of yuu 

  12. I knew that she was miss kerala ,,but i was unaware of her bakground..being a lady who studied in kerala i feel her fake malayalam and english accent is unbearble … if she reads this i wud like to tell her to pls speak with proper and her natural accent ..

  13. Hi Vinu

    If Renjini is faking Malayalam what the Actress on today’s IDEA STAR was speaking? 

  14. Amazing! So much media space for a total imbecile with a terrible fake english accent ( allegedly achieved with a few months in london)- hardly the place of good english! And poor girl with all her life in kochi struggles to speak her mother tongue. After 2 decades in the Uk i am struggling to understand how indian media and public can accept such an obvious fake!,

  15. Dear R Kumar,

    Firstly let me wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.

    Now for the facts in the right perspective. Admittedly Ranjini had to pan a great deal of criticism during the initial stage of her career.Some felt that she was too plain looking to even be a Miss Kerala(chiefly because of her natural beauty free of make up).She was unanimously chosen as Miss Kerala and even today is accorded due respect and recognition by the government on that score.She could have easily proceeded upto Miss Universe and Miss World Levels but chose not too because of family and personal reasons.Knowing her personally she is a warm,caring,bubbly,fun loving and decent girl who is totally committed to her family and profession.Moreover she has by sheer dint of determination, shaken off all flak and has now become an almost indispensable anchor.She is exceptionally clever and sharp despite her seemingly deceptive looks and now attracts winsome praise from all detractors and friends alike.She is also equally fluent in Malayalam as well as English.

    And to question her UK qualification is most uncharitable. There were others who held that she had not completed her UK MBA. Come on yaar lets give her credit for her phenomenal achievements.

    And now a word about Kochi square. I have been following this for the last three years and there have been only decent comments, a tribute to the culture of Kochi. I keep travelling very often to Kochi on business and personal visits and love the city which is poised for ambitious growth.

    BEst regards and a very happy and prosperous new year to all KOchiites,






  17. i hate her to coreeeeeee……..she spoiled our kerala culture…the way she dres… not saying…if i see her surly i will slap her….sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  18. Hi Shamna

    Please advise where you are living, so that Ranjini can take an alternate route…ladies are jealous of SMART ladies..ALAS!!!!!!!

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