Inflore 2010 – The management fest at Rajagiri

The Rajagiri center for business studies (RCBS) under Rajagiri Vidhyapeetham is organizing a management fest  titled inflore 2010 on October 28th, 29th and 30th October. Inflore 2010 will be platform for students to showcase their managerial skills. The Future managers can match put their skills to the test and win lots of prizes.  Students as well as corporates can take part in this event.

The events include :

  • Rajagiri National Business Quiz

The quiz will be one of its kind and is participants from all over the country are expected to participate in the event.  2 people can participate in this event. The winner will get a whopping 1 Lakh rupees as cash prize. See the National quiz ad below.


  • Master of the Orion (H R Game)

Give in to the smouldering arena of human verve to bring out the best in you.

No of participants – 2

  • Orbiter (Operations Game )

Explore the intricacies of operations, beaming layouts and building up the blacks to attain the optimum paths

No of participants – 4

  • Zeroth Gravity (Finance Game)

Nurture your instincts for trade through deals that encompass currency and creativity and daringly weave a web which finally reaches right down to the bottom of the pyramid

No of Participants : 2

  • Project Constellation ( Marketing Game )

Frame a silhouette out of nothingness, breath life into it, clip scintillating scenes to arouse the imagination and convince the customer your goal ??? -a two way bottom line

No of participants – 4

  • Star Minds ( Buddy Manager)

Partners in crime, watching each others back,the duo makes a move.Is your partner a friends or a foe ? !!! Make friends as friend in this..

No of participants- 2

Register for the events here.

For more information contact :

Rakesh Krishnan (Faculty) – 0944770081

Renjith Joseph – 09946954012

Subroto Chowdhury – 09746659035

Gino James – 8089121189




And now Rajagiri presents the Inflore2011, another edition of the popular biz-fest. stay tuned !!!