Indian Contemporary Dance show at JTpac Cochin

JT pac will be hosting an Indian contemporary dance show by Nritarutya , A Bangalore based Dance company on this 26th starting from 7.30 PM . The youth wing of nritarutya will be performing as a charity event.

Nritarutya is an Indian contemporary dance company celebrating Indian aesthetics, while exploring a new direction for Indian dance. Nritarutya dance excellence presents stunning thematic visual works in a multi-media format. Their universal language of dance is inspired from mythology to modern age themes. With 3 performance entities- the International performing unit, youth wing and the children’s wing, Nritarutya’s family amounts to a set of more than 30 passionate dancers.

The Performance at JT pac will have 6 compositions like Namsakar , vande Mataram , Gandaberunda, Shivoham, Askew and Phase-Off .All these compositions will be different conveying different ideas and themes.

Bookings are open at JTpac. For online reservation log on to JTpac Online Booking.