IndiaGames Gamers Meetup at Area 51 Cafe, Cochin

Csharks, in association with India Games is organizing a gamers meetup in Kochi at the cities newest gaming cafe – Area 51. The event is aimed at all types of gamers whether you play Solitaire, Angry Birds or Counter-strike.

This is the second gamers meetup in Kochi with the previous event being a great platform for gamers and game developers to meetup, interact and share the best way to take a ‘headshot’!

This time, the event being organized in Area 51, we should be able to have some fun time playing on the cafe’s much reputed gaming consoles.

Event: Cochin Gamers Meetup

Event by: IndiaGames in association with Csharks, Area 51.

Venue: Area 51 gaming cafe, Cochin (Click here for Map)

Date: April 14th 2012

Twitter Hashtag: #gmindia

Calling all gamers out there in Kochi to join in!

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