Id-ul-Fitr celebrated in Kochi

eidThirty days of predawn-to-dusk fasting and evening mass prayers has come to an end with the celebration of Id-ul-Fitr (Cheriya Perunnaal) here on Monday. Id-ul-Fitr marked the end of the month-long fasting by offering prayers in mosques and specially arranged Id-gahs. Feasts, exchange of visits to friends and relatives, and merriments were the spirit of celebration. The preparations had already begun in most of the homes on Sunday, the lasting day of the fasting month of Ramzan.  Young men hung out with their peer groups whereas women and children tattooed their palms with impressive Henna designs, and wore new clothes. Perunnaal Namaskaram, an important aspect of the festival, was held at several open places as well as in mosques across the city. The largest prayer gathering for the Perunnaal Namaskaram had been held at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium at Kaloor for years. But this year, there was a difference – the Namaskaram was held at the other major Id-gah in the city, the Marine Drive grounds, though with less attendance.