Head Mall-Ways this Christmas

This is perhaps the first Christmas I’ve spent in Cochin where there has been so much activity..

The city suddenly seem to have come to life… Lighting, shopping, more traffic jamming.. All in all, one heck of a crazy atmosphere..

But, what I was most impressed with was what the malls were doing…

I’d never been to Oberon at Edapally, so I decided to check it out couple of days ago..

I mean like, WOW… I din’t know Cochin had joined the Mall bandwagon so quick..

When I got there, YES channel was busy conducting a few programs.. DJ, dancing, hand wrestling, and a simply superb crowd cheering it on…

And walking on, practically every shop was overflowing, practically every salesman juggling customers.. The shopping season is on for sure…

Meanwhile, at the Bay Pride, it was a different setting altogether…

A few folks up on stage where playing old melodies… ‘Love will keep us alive’ and all that…

It must have been working, coz the crowd here was double what I saw at Oberon..

In fact, I even had to wait fifteen minutes to find a spot to sit down at Marine Drive..


Anyhow, the fun aint over yet..

Came upon this today :

Rock show People !!! Yayy….. 🙂

Local band WhiteSugar is performing I believe….

Anyhow, if you are completely jobless, or a rock fan, I suppose I’ll see ya there..

Till then, Peace !!