Hamlet – The Clown Prince , Play by Rajat Kapoor at JT Pac Cochin

Hamlet , The clown prince a play by Rajat kapoor based on the famous play by Shakespeare will be played at the Jose Thomas performing artists Centre this march 5th. Rajat kapoor a popular actor in Bollywood is the director of the play. the play has won 5 awards for the META FESTIVAL this year. Best play, best director, Best supporting actor and Best costume design. The play has a duration of 100 mins . Kalki Koechlin,  Athul Kumar, Rachel D’Souza, Sujay Saple, Neil Bhoopalam, Namit Das and Puja Sarup are the main actors of the play.  The play is in perspective of a clown which turns the tragic version of the play into  a comic one .

Make sure you  have a seat booked for this amazing play  . For online reservation click here .

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