‘Give and Take’, new SMS search engine

‘Give and Take’ – a new SMS search engine to be launched! Those who want to ‘take’ are matched with those who want to ‘give,’ free of cost. Users can save a lot of time and energy by making use of this service. For example, if you want to sell a house/ property/vehicle, or are looking for a suitable bride/groom or job, what you need to do is prefix the category of your need as either Give (G) or Take (T) and send in your specifications to the number provided. You will get a reply immediately, along with the mobile phone number of the person who fits the category. The most recent entry will be displayed first, followed by earlier ones. The format is G or T<space>your needs to 98095 27773. And so posting and searching, both will be done by you. Or incase you don’t get a match from among the posted needs; send your requirements to a premium number, 5676776. . The entries posted to this number will be featured in the search category. The format is given below: GNT<space>your needs to 5676776.

You can SMS NEXT or MISS CALL, for the next page. You also have the privilege to delete your messages after use. For registering, SMS GNT REG name to 5676776 and get a free lifetime keyword. The charges for the local 10 digit number are the same as a local SMS while for the premium 7 digit number Rs 3 or less will be charged, depending on your service provider. The service was launched recently but will turn out to be fully operational only after certain number of users access it and post their needs. You can give a missed call to the number – 98095 27773 to know more details on the service and you will get free information messages about GNT.