Get Tattooed at BodyArt Estudio , Oberon Mall

Anish G Nair

April 18, 2011

7 thoughts on “Get Tattooed at BodyArt Estudio , Oberon Mall

  1. Wow..going to have some serious competition in kochi now. My tattoo used to be a king and envy of many. I still remember taking that decision, getting it done at bengaluru and facing mom back home with a plastered shoulder 😉

  2. hai jerish,
    happy to know you opened atatto shop in mall.hw is bussines.all the best.

  3. I wanted to get tattoed along with 2 friends of mine. So we all can get tattooed for 500/- per sq inch, we would look forward to come to Body art…

  4. hi my name is romy.i am from manipure did my tattoo training in bancock and was working in delhi for 3 years.nw m looking for a change to move to kerala.if there is any vacancy plz let me phone no is 8792552816

  5. Total B*llsh*t!!!

    I spent 3 Hrs waiting for the guy to get my Daughter’s Name tagged on me, only to find out he wouldn’t come to the shop that day.. What kinda service is that??

    Got it done at Panampilly Nagar instead.. at half the cost!

  6. bro…..iam living in kerala….i draw permanent tattoos on my frnds arm…..i still more craise about tattoo…. the problem is ..i want a tattoo kit…… i was draw permanent tattoos through my frnd’s tattoo gun…..where is available tattoo gun in kerala…..s

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