Geethu Christy – Miss South India 2010 1st Runner Up : Exclusive Interview

Can you tell us about your life before Miss South India 2010.

My life as such has always been the same. I am more of a person who likes being surrounded by lots of people, people who I know very well, my friends, my family. I am a fun loving person and at the same time I love taking responsibilities, which makes me achieve my goal. That kind of a person I was and I am still the same.

What prompted you to take the participate in the Miss South India 2010 pageant.

Actually, from a very young age, beauty pageants have always been my passion. I never have to think twice before I apply for such contests, because every time this was there in the cards. The only thing is that I don’t plan around one month in advance that I will be going for this. It just comes and I apply then and there.

Can you re-live the moment during the final round of Miss South India 2010, when you heard your name being announced.

Obviously I was feeling happy for the fact that I got into one amongst the Top 3, because to represent Kerala, at a big stage like that, I was really happy for that.

Has your life changed at all after Miss South India 2010.

Life hasn’t changed as such. I’ve always been the same person I was before, but yes, definitely the responsibilities are getting higher and higher. That is the only change I find.

Can you tell us about the initial days of your career.

Actually I started in 2006. I was Miss Estilo 2006, then I was Miss Best Personality 2007, then Malayala Manorama Metro Queen 2008, then Vivel Miss Kerala 1st runner up 2009 and currently I took part in this pageant and became Hairomax Miss South India 1st runner up 2010.

What are your plans for 2011 and beyond.

Actually, if you had asked me about Miss South India two weeks back, I would have told you that I am really not sure that I am taking part in Miss South India (smiles), because I never plan anything in advance. I just go with the flow. Where life takes me, I go that way, because at the end of the day, everything is God’s decision and all we need to do is follow that and make our own right decisions.

So, where I see myself in the next 5 years, I am not too sure, but I definitely know that I will be in the field of management (I am currently a management student) and at the same time, I will also be modelling. But everything is in God’s hand and we don’t know what exactly it is.

Immediate priorities in life.

As I have already said, beauty pageants are something I really like, but still the next step, I really can’t tell right now. Maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow I might find a pageant and will be deciding on that.

Goal in life.

My long term goal would be to be successful in life whatever field I am in. If I opt for a career in  management, I would love to establish myself in that. Or if I am in the modelling field, I would definitely like to create a mark in that field. So which ever field I am opting for, I would love to do my level best in that field.

Can you tell us a little about your childhood.

I was a very quiet kind of a person, people tell me this but I really don’t remember (smiles). I was never a very stubborn kid. I used to adjust myself to all the situations, whatever happens. People called me totally different from all others in my family. I was a very chubby-chubby girl then. That is how I’ve been, a very quiet and reserved person.

Can you tell us about your family. Who has been the more supportive.

It is very difficult to pin point who is more supportive. Beauty pageants have been my dream since a very smaller age. My family made sure that I go through a path where towards the end, I attain what I want. So from my childhood, everything my family did was to let me fulfil my dreams whatever it was.

Everyone in my family, my mom, dad and sister have been very supportive. Currently, I just have my mom with me here. My sister is currently abroad. Though the rest of my family are not here with me physically, their support has always been with me through their prayers, their love, their phone calls. So it is really difficult to pin point who is more supportive.

Can you tell us about your college life.

College life has always been fun, but then, programs have kept me busy. But still my friends made sure that I have a very good time in college. They are very supportive. Actually, after Miss South India, when I went back to college, I understood from their way of talking, their behaviour, the special treat they gave me (smiles), that how happy they were. That itself made my day.

When I took part in Miss Kerala, I was in All Saints college. When I went back to college after the Miss Kerala pageant, it was a very happy moment. Though I didn’t get much time to spend in college, I made sure that whenever I went to college, I was living my life to the fullest.

How did the offer for Kerala Cafe come along.

It was after the Miss Kerala pageant that I got the offer. I was in Ernakulam till then. When I came down to Trivandrum, that was when I got this offer. And I really liked the whole idea of the movie, so I said Yes to it.

Experience of acting in Kerala Cafe.

The experience was really good. Everyone was very friendly. They made me feel comfortable. first of all, I am not a person who is into all this acting. They made sure that nothing made me feel irritated or uncomfortable. So that was a very good experience. Had fun in short.

Any movie offers in your kitty.

Yes. I am getting many offers, but then movie field is something that I am not interested in. I don’t like acting.

Fav. actor: Shah Rukh Khan (very difficult to pick one)

Fav. actress: Aishwarya Rai

Fav. movie: Saawariya (just for the songs)

Fav. color: Black (and at times Maroon)

Fav. dish: Ice creams

Dream Vacation: Somewhere there is a lot of snow, a very cold place.

Idea of fun: Have a smile on the face of everyone who is with you.

Fitness mantra – Dieting or Gym: Gym