First Soccer City in Kochi


April 30, 2010

5 thoughts on “First Soccer City in Kochi

  1. I still remember sitting at University Stadium, in Trivandrum, watching EME Center Secundrebad playing MEG, Bangalore for Kerala Trophy, here comes a ball to EME back area, T K Chatthunni was the Stopper Back- all I saw after that was, the ball flying to the street, by the police ground side. EME was playing from the library side and MEG was playing from the LMS quarters side. I still remember T K Chatthunni, a tall lanky, fair complexioned boy guarding the EME fort. EME had a Golden Jersey and Black shorts, sobccer- uniform, while MEG,Bangalore had a Merion jersey and black shorts soccer- uniform. BIR BAHADUR and WILLIAMS were the forwards for EME, Madavan was a Captain and center forward for MEG, Sampath was their Goal Keeper. T K CHATTHUNNI was a very good Stopper Back at that time for EME, Center Secundrebad, making many last minute saves for EME, Center as a Stopper Back ! ! ! Some MEMORIES ! ! !

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