Fifth Annual Conference – VAICON 2012 in Kochi on 27th January

vaicon 2012Venous Association of India (VAI) is organizing its fifth annual conference VAICON 2012 on venous diseases in Cochin on 27th and 28th January. VAICON is the venue for discussion on various aspects of venous diseases, latest diagnostic tools and treatments. The main theme of this conference will be understanding the venous disease. VAICON 2012 will discuss on successful case histories, research results and study reports by veteran doctors.

VAICON 2012 will be held at the IMA Convention Centre, Cochin. VAICON 2012 is an event where various experienced and international experts and local eminent leaders will enlighten on all aspects of various venous diseases that Indians suffer like varicose veins, venous thrombosis. They will also focus on new methods of diagnosis and latest treatments. Don’t miss out this event as the best of everything in terms of scientific content and local hospitality will be showcased. Register yourselves in